Airport Terrorism in MW2 Sparks Paradigm Shift in Gaming

Masta Solidus writes "After having a very good and long debate about this, it's become clear, to me at least, that video gaming is becoming a medium where real emotions can be produced, and where the medium's quality can create stories and experiences deeper than other more traditional, and static, media."

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xXdragonspawnXx3271d ago

Hope there's that annoying (guy/girl) that just won't shut up on there dang cell phone because they will be the first I give my first head shot in the "GAME" its just one week away :p

JeffGUNZ3271d ago

Well played. I am looking for the first crying baby.

devilhunterx3270d ago

noobs. C4 is the way to go.

Bagogames3270d ago

Im sure theres an RPG around there somewhere...

JeffGUNZ3270d ago

haha Excellent. How about cutting open a baby and filling him with explosives, then throwing him in the middle of people. Man, those baby pieces will get some distance.

Bathyj3270d ago

I was going to do the "buy it 2ndhand" to stick it to Kottich but this game looks more and more like the Aussie government might pull it off the shelves after someone complains.

I think I better just get it right away before its banned.