DualShockers Review: Magna Carta 2

DualShockers writes:

Magna Carta 2 is the indirect sequel to the 2005 PS2 title Magna Carta: Tears of Blood. Some good news, though - you don't have to have played the even more obscure earlier titles to understand what's going on here. Magna Carta 2 is based around new characters and attempts to grab your attention with a new story. In fact, the story takes place in the Kingdom of Lanzheim, where there's somewhat of a civil war going on between the Northern forces and the Southern forces. This civil war started when the horribly-named minister Schuenzeit killed the queen and attempted a hostile takeover of the throne. You begin the game on the seemingly peaceful Highwind Island (the name in and of itself invokes memories most JRPG fans cherish). Our hero, Juto, has mysteriously - yet unsurprisingly - lost his memory and now resides in a small village, doing menial tasks and being bossed around by a busty, smack-talking girl named Melissa.

Of course, this idyllic life of his can't last forever - the Northern forces end up attacking because of something in a nearby cave called a Sentinel, and Juto gets mixed up in it all, falling into the company of the Southern army's Counter-Sentinel Unit, headed up by Princess Rzephillda (Zephie for short). This group eventually becomes very familiar to you as the members of this unit are the playable characters throughout the game. The game recalls the trials and tribulations of Juto as he seeks to uncover his real identity. Sure, there are twists and turns (most are predictable, some aren't), but for the most part the story is your standard RPG fare with your typical character archetypes. There's nothing new to see here folks, so if you're interested in something unconventional and fresh, you might have to wait for Final Fantasy XIII..."

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BROOKLYN N-M-E4464d ago

review, includes all the information i need to know in order to NOT get this game! Guess I will just hold out for FF XIII!

Chadness4464d ago

IMO, it's good for a rental, but with all the other games coming out this fall, unless you're REALLY into JRPGs, your time is probably better spent elsewhere. Good game for JRPG fans only, I would say.

taz80804464d ago

Always good to know when to rent or buy, too many games coming out right now.