Singstar 90s On The Way? Appears So

Oh. Great. More Singstar. Another chance to bitch and moan about how rubbish the tracklists are, how the rap meter doesn't get enough of a workout, how the song selections are too heavily skewed towards the ladies, etc etc blah blah blah. But looking at this tracklist, which appears to be announcing the imminent arrival of Singstar 90s, Kotaku are just going to shut the fuck up.

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nix4578d ago

he he he... talk about being modest! q:

VirtualGamer4578d ago

Yet its only posted in the PS3 section. For me personally I will wait until Singstar is released for the PS3 rather then getting the PS2 version.

Ps30074578d ago

Is this even written by a ligitimate author or writer? Sounds like a 2nd grader.. If that...

bootsielon4577d ago

Why are they still making new SKUs? You'll be able to download every song you want, but even better yet, NOT buy songs (bundles) you don't want.