PS3 May Have Already Outsold Wii In Japan For 2009

PSInsider Writes: The numbers are beginning to show that Wii may have been beaten on it's home turf this year.

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Nitrowolf23274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

wow 6,000 indifference (i hope i di my math right) for both month. Its gonna happen just look at the monster game releasing next month, thats gonna give it a huge boost. 360 lol, didn't even have a chance.
You know its funny, Nintendo is japan, use to be sony land, now that looks like it will change very soon. Well Nintendo will probally re-release a new type of Wii onto the market.

Dam FF13 next month for japan, Japan is sony land after on that day.

Chubear3274d ago


Let's keep it rollin'

vhero3274d ago

I honestly thought they all sold a lot more consoles than that this year except maybe 360 which is getting a terrible beat down.

MNicholas3274d ago

In overall international sales for all territories, the big loser has been the 360.

VGChartz, which some allege overstates 360 sales, indicates that the 360's ever shrinking marketshare has now dropped below 29%.

Can Natal turn things around for the 360?

Maddens Raiders3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

"I believe we made the most beautiful thing in the world. Nobody would criticize a renowned architect's blueprint that the position of a gate is wrong. It's the same as that."

Surprised much? (yes, i'm talking to you biased journos)

deadreckoning6663274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Damn too bad I don't live in Japan..then I'd care a little more. Still, it's pretty impressive that ANY console is outselling the Wii.

I still don't believe the PS3 will outsell the 360 in NA for this year though. My friend works at Gamestop and hes deadset on buying the Modern Warfare 2 360 bundle.

Me and most of his co-workers tried ta convince him ta buy a PS3, but he TRULY thks hes getting the best value and tries ta back up his claim by naming all the PS3 exclusives that jumped ta 360. I don't thk hes very smart, but then again this could be a reflection of the average joe who only looks at the initial price tag. Sad..but true. With the possibility of Conviction, Mass Effect 2, and the L4D franchise coming to the PS3, idk why someone would rather buy a 360 over a PS3 unless there some sorta Halo nut or sumthin.

presto7173274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Games like GT5, GOW3 and The Last Guardian can on their own move millions of consoles for sony not to talk of other franchises like Twisted Metal and Syphon Filter that have not yet made the transition to this gen. The pS1 and PS2 both sold over one hundred million consoles so it will not be to big of a surprise if the PS3 were to follow suit. The Wii needs more quality games ASAP. Lets just see how things unfold.

Pekka3274d ago

If we are using both Sony and MS shipped numbers from official reports then PS3 is still behind 360 by 6.5 million in worldwide sales (PS3 was at 27 million and 360 at 33.5 million at end of september). According to VGChartz difference is 7 million so in that way there isn't so huge difference in actual numbers. So it will take probably couple years before PS3 is past 360. Shipped numbers are only exact and true numbers (it is illegal to lie in official reports so only exact numbers can be used), everything else are just estimates, even NPD and other tracking services. Neither Sony and MS couldn't have sold even 1 unit more than they have shipped to retailers.

And, yes, when Sony (or any other manufacturer) talks about sold units it means sold to retailers, not sold to customers. That means Sony has gotten money from unit even if it would never be sold to customer (manufacturer gets money from unit when retailer buys it, not when customer buys it). Sony can't know how many units they have sold to customers and I doubt they even care very much about that.

heroicjanitor3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

When Sony says sold they mean sell-through, as in sold to consumers, not shipped.
Read the line just above no 4.

Also look at this

morganfell3274d ago

Some people are going to have a very bitter pill to swallow this year. Sony will take Japan from Nintendo and some estimates already put them past the 360 for worldwide sales this year.

As far as overall sales it is really funny that MS will not disclose how many of their total sales to date had to be swapped out allowing them to double count some single 360 customers.

sikbeta3273d ago

Return the crown to the king, happen 2 cosecutuve generations before and is not gonna change

PC > PS3 > everything


rockleex3273d ago

Anyways, I wonder if there will be any articles created to get hits out of this like they did when the 360 outsold the PS3 for only a week in Japan. -_"

If one week was enough to warrant a hit-grabbing article, I'm pretty sure beating the Wii in its home turf for the total of a year is enough to warrant a hit-grabbing article too.

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fr0sty3274d ago

I have to admit, even as a PS3-centric gamer, I would have never in a million years seen this happening. Not on their home turf.

Nitrowolf23274d ago

well i knew the Wii would eventually be over thrown but not this quick, infact i thought the Wii was way ahead this year of its competition.

ReBurn3274d ago

Sony has a long way to go before anyone can say the Wii has been thrown over in Japan or anywhere. There's a lot of ground to be made up.

Raoh3274d ago

FFXIII and its a wrap for 2009 in japan

Optical_Matrix3274d ago

FFXIII is going to help PS3 dominate this christmas. Sony couldn't have picked a better title to end 2009 with a bang with in Japan. FFXIII sales and PS3 sales will prove this.

fr0sty3274d ago

I can't wait to see how well the 250gb white ff13 ps3 bundle sells over there. I almost want to import one just for the awesome case.

eagle213274d ago

Sony is simply on a roll now. :)

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