AC: New Super Mario Bros. Wii Review

At this year's E3, when Nintendo announced New Super Mario Bros. Wii, the world was struck with awe. Gamers were pulled back in time to the days of classic 2D Mario gameplay. They saw images of themselves searching vainly for that Star block their friends had
Game Title: New Super Mario Brothers Wii told them about on 1-1. They saw themselves pulling up turnips as Princess Peach in Super Mario Bros. 2. They recalled their amazement at the 'giant world' in Super Mario Bros. 3. They smiled at the recollection of meeting Yoshi for the first time in Super Mario World. They sighed warmly at the thought of New Super Mario Bros. in their DS. It was a time of reliving, and rebirth for the Nintendo gaming community. Well, here we have what Nintendo promised us all those months ago. Was it worth all that reminiscing?

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Alcon Caper3271d ago

I miiight just get a wii for this...

FinalomegaS3270d ago

0.1 from 100

hmm guess it's because of the no playable peach : )

Monteblanco3270d ago

Impressive how a reviewer can be so precise to state this game is one centesimal point from perfection :). Numerical scores can only be regarded as a joke.

EvilTwin3270d ago

Certainly better than what Edge gave it:

I can't imagine a game that is more clear at what it's going to give people. This is a Mario platformer for anyone who grew up loving Mario platformers. Count me in.

FinalomegaS3270d ago

going to get it day1,

November is packed for me,


*needs to finish Borderlands before new .. games.. comes. out!!!*

TheBand1t3270d ago

Who cares what Edge thinks?

mastiffchild3270d ago

Well, usually7 I don't give two craps what they say but you must remember that AC could ve ANYONE and EDGE are historically MASSIVE Nintendo fanboys.

Personally I'm just not sure more of what we used to love is enough but I'll have to see for myself. Nostalgia tends to pall rather quickly for me in this day and age.

n4f3270d ago

but im pretty sure its because yoshi doesnt stay with you at the end of the stage.
sorry to burst people's bubble in thinking that yoshi would stay with you. and also doesnt do the same effect in super mario world

wollie3270d ago


LPB - (online multiplayer) - (user created levels) - (amazing graphics) + (MARIO, LUIGI, 2*TOAD) = 99?


Knghtz3270d ago

Yup, it's that simple.

Nice work trolling, though.

NecrumSlavery3270d ago

Isn't this a six hour game?

Knghtz3270d ago

quality = quantity obviously

NecrumSlavery3270d ago

Of course, just irks me most gret nintendo games never exceed 6hours.

Rock on Mario...!!!

ozstar3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Are you serious? So your not going to buy a Mario game, the first 2D Mario since SMW, because of a reviewer who SPEED RAN the game?

Just don't bother with us please.

This link is a 1 minute speed run of a level in World 7 -

If you honestly believe this is how you would play a Mario game, basically by ignoring the exploration and play mechanics hidden in a level, your not very imaginative and your def. not interested in Mario games.

Xander-RKoS3270d ago

Also, Super Mario Galaxy, get 120 stars, go on, I dare you and tell me it took 6 hours.

Metroid Prime 1,2, and 3 are easily 12 hours are more.

Twilight Princess, not sure, but definitely more than 6.

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