The End is Nigh: Left 4 Dead

Resolution Magazine writes: "Left 4 Dead shows humanity reduced to a twitchy, gibbering mess. And that's just the players.

The four-player co-operative zombie shooter comprises of five (initially four, but a fifth campaign - Crash Course - was added as DLC) self-contained campaigns, with each one functioning as a petite game in its own right. They've got definable beginning and end points, for one, with each campaign drenched in schlock B-Movie tropes and embellished as mini-movies by faux-poster loading screens and scrolling end credits after the exuberant finale sequence. It's the finales which mark the ending of each campaign, and these moments are guaranteed to be exceedingly tense: the players must endure swarms of the undead for a few minutes before being able to escape the level and finish the campaign (hopefully) alive. It's challenging by design, and Valve are certain to make sure death is always a possibility."

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