Telegraph: Ju-on: The Grudge Review

As video games go, Ju-on: The Grudge has tougher obstacles than most to overcome. Not only is the latest Nintendo horror game based on a superb movie franchise (which is never a good sign), it's an entry in a genre which has enjoyed something of a banner year in 2009. While the horror genre continues to stagnate in cinemas (Drag Me To Hell and Let The Right One In notwithstanding), video game console owners have been thrilled by a variety of horror titles such as Silent Hill: Homecoming, Resident Evil 5 and Dead Space: Extraction – and there are still more on the way. Ju-on promises a unique horror experience in its assertion that it's a haunted house simulator, presumably in an attempt to distance itself from other subgenres within horror video games such as survival horror. But can this movie franchise tie-in compete with the best horror titles released this year?

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