Arkham Asylum Might Have Saved the Batman Games Franchise

You know what made Batman: Arkham Asylum a multimillion seller above anything else? Respect for the source material. It's a plain-as-the-nose-on-your-face secret that filmmakers finally discovered with modern superhero movies like X-Men, Spider-Man, Hellboy, and Iron Man. For years, game makers didn't respect what made Batman unique.

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Feral Gamer3276d ago

I can honestly say that Arkham Asylum is THE BEST super hero game I've ever played. Some of them are just awful! AA is true to the source and I loved the character voices from The Animated Series! Top-notch game all the way!

gaffyh3276d ago

I agree, AA is the best comic book superhero game ever, but inFAMOUS is still my favourite superhero game ever. Only bad thing about inFAMOUS was the graphics were not up to par to PS3 exclusives (I know, we've been spoiled as hell), but the gameplay was awesome.

dafonz3276d ago

Oh yea Arkham Asylum is definitely a candidate for game of the year I'm sure. The article also reflects on some of the previous titles that didn't quite capture the essence of Batman and the way that they should have been. It's a shame it took this long to get there.

Batzi3276d ago

Dude, AA DID save the Batman franchise. Not just that, it also saved the superhero genre and took it to the next level. Batman: AA is officially the best superhero game I have played since Spider-Man and it's my GOTY for the year 2009.

zoks3103276d ago

They are the ones spitting out garbage superhero games every year, everything from Transformers to the Marvel Superheros games pales in comparison to Batman:AA. Its not the game that's bad it's the developers, they are the ones putting Superheros video games in jeopardy.

Nice job Square-Enix Edios....