Microsoft Handheld Reportedly Named 'Zune'

Yesterday a Seattle Times columnist claimed Microsoft's "secret" counter to Apple's iPod was being led by former Xbox spokesperson J Allard, would be Xbox-branded, and wasn't only trying to enter the music market, but handheld videogames, as well.
Late last night, however, Gizmodo received a tip from an alleged insider on the project, claiming the final name was Zune and attaching a clear photo of the product's sleek design.

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M1K35420d ago

Yeah, uhh i hope to hell they change it.

Cyclonus5420d ago

kinda like Mazda.


mikeeno75420d ago

this is pure rumor anyways...

CAPS LOCK5420d ago

hmm i-pod killer i dont think so, maybe i-pod impersinator...

i hope we can get more info on this

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The story is too old to be commented.