Microsoft Handheld Reportedly Named 'Zune'

Yesterday a Seattle Times columnist claimed Microsoft's "secret" counter to Apple's iPod was being led by former Xbox spokesperson J Allard, would be Xbox-branded, and wasn't only trying to enter the music market, but handheld videogames, as well.
Late last night, however, Gizmodo received a tip from an alleged insider on the project, claiming the final name was Zune and attaching a clear photo of the product's sleek design.

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M1K36496d ago

Yeah, uhh i hope to hell they change it.

Cyclonus6496d ago

kinda like Mazda.


mikeeno76496d ago

this is pure rumor anyways...

CAPS LOCK6496d ago

hmm i-pod killer i dont think so, maybe i-pod impersinator...

i hope we can get more info on this

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El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron - Coming Back for a New Generation

Originally launched in 2011, El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron is coming to Nintendo Switch, so It's time to look back at the original.

jznrpg17h ago

Still have my ps3 copies. Bought it at launch and another one when I found it cheap and in perfect condition about 10 years ago. I wouldn’t buy it on Switch but if they made a PS5 version I would. I still have one of my PS3 Fats hooked up so good to go either way.

darthv7217h ago

Id play it again on the switch. I wished my 360 version was bc but this is still a good way to play.


Fallout 3's Reveal Led To Death Threats And Bethesda's First Security Guard

The artist behind Fallout 4’s Deathclaw reveals just how bad things got back when Bethesda took over the series

anast19h ago

People are stupid I get it. No one should feel unsafe,

But I think they need to talk about why they cut so many corners during the development process and why none of their games ever look current. And why they think all of this is okay while they charge full price.

LucasRuinedChildhood18h ago

As much as Bethesda deserve criticism, that's not really relevant to the reveal of Fallout 3 in 2007.

VenomUK15h ago

The default angle Kotaku always go for is to highlight the worst in gaming.

I would’ve focused on the creative.

gold_drake14h ago

there is no "but". the hell lol
you dont send death threats, period.