Globe and Mail reviews Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

Globe and Mail writes:

...Aside from some new guns, the action feels very similar to what we've seen before in these games. In addition to blowing up bad guys by the dozen, we grind rails, use gravity boots to walk up walls, and employ the swingshot to swing from one platform to another. Of course, there are a few new gadgets, like Ratchet's dad's hover boots, which allow him to skim across the ground, move a bit quicker, and zoom off ramps painted with glowing arrows, but nothing too bold.

And that's what had us wondering: Does Ratchet & Clank need to be shaken up a bit? Or is maintaining the status quo good enough?

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hay3273d ago

I'm so gonna play the sh*t out of this game this weekend.

remanutd553273d ago

i've been doing that for the past week !!! i love it more than Tools of Destruction and Quest for Booty , its one of the best games i have played this year, thats for sure