What "Grand Theft Auto 5" Needs To Do

With the recent release of Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony for the Xbox 360, there has been a picture in the manual teasing the next GTA. While the teaser only shows seagulls and little else, people have been speculating the next iteration will take place in Vice City. Nonetheless, people still aren't too satisfied with the GTA4 saga and still believe San Andreas was the peak if the series. So with that, this article will hopefully list all the things people are still clamoring for in a current generation Grand Theft Auto title.

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Kain813272d ago

1.They need to use the Blu-Ray space
2.big Map like GTA: San andreas
3.They need better Stories/Missions
4.Better Multiplayer (GTA4 is a Lag-fest)
5.CO-OP mode Splitt screen and online
6. a little bit better GFX would be nice too
This is what i want

bruddahmanmatt3271d ago

What GTAV needs to do.

Not suck like GTAIV.

MattOG7113271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

I doubt the game is exclusive to the PS3, thus not being able to fully use the blu-ray. Why would they advertise GTA V with the "Episodes of Liberty City" game then? Why would you advertise a upcoming PS3 exclusive on a 360 exclusive?

Maybe it will happen, but I doubt they go exclusive again.

Mista T3271d ago

ditch graphics for gameplay, or i'ma jump on the Saints Row bandwagon

chaosatom3271d ago

They need to improve story missions along with improving the story, gameplay, and add a whole bunch of things to do.

Saaking3271d ago

With all these new GTA rumors, there must be something it. When there's these many rumors, it normally turns out true or at least partially true.

Greywulf3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Needs to improve on San Andreas, not go backwards.

More non-mission activities besides taxing people around, hell why does this even need to be said. GTA5 needs to actually be like the GTA series.

Lifendz3271d ago

I don't want to feel like it's a chore to drive in the game. I did it because I'm a gamer but I'd at least like an option ala Killzone 2's high precision control.

I know the game won't be exclusive but all that blu-ray space and standard HDD should not go to waste.

If you do exclusive DLC for 360 again I will not buy the game at all. As is I didn't sell GTA4 when it was still going for a decent price because I just knew that DLC was timed exclusive. Looks like I'm wrong.

More options in terms of relationships and real consequences if caught out there cheating.

Option to pick a friend up or meet them at the arranged spot to hang out.

That's all I got for now.

Sub4Dis3271d ago

it needs destructible environments. you should be able to bring the buildings and bridges down like in red faction.

and the world needs to be more influenced by your actions. if you go on a rampage in a certain area, people shouldn't goto that area as much for a while, and you should be able to hear about your actions on the radio, like "15 people were gunned down today by an unknown assailant in <something> park. Police are advising citizens of liberty city to avoid the park til the perp is captured." or something like that.

and co-op would be nice too

Redlogic3271d ago

we get Agent. Will be better than GTAV

Unending Punishment3271d ago

MGS4 has been the biggest game on bluray and it's no where near the size and scope of GTA IV. Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed prove that games with massive expansive worlds are more than capable on DVD9.

It's not the disc space that matters, it's how they use it. But there are examples of games that needed to be on more than one disc. Still, the only limitation DVD9 has is if you want the game to be on only one disc. The two nearly identical console versions of GTA IV proved that it's not about the disc.

TheEvilDebo2U3271d ago

GTA's online should work as well and smooth as burnout.
quick and easy.
Gay tony is the most awsome of the two DLC's. the guns rock!
It has so much more to do. or at least more things to do that I find fun.
Gta needs a better lobby system.
it needs more activities when online. like the club from gay tony. it needs girls too.
There's always a girl!

Hideo_Kojima3271d ago

Next Stop... Playstation 3

But yeah you are right the next GTA won't be exclusive but
it may not even be GTA V guys.

They may carry on with GTA IV: (New Town) like San Andreas and Vice City carried on with GTA3

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Xeoset3272d ago

Like the majority.

Especially in the sales area ;)

Deadman643271d ago

sure rock* hates making money. make it ps3 exclusive

menoyou3271d ago

Agreed. Needs to be a PS3 exclusive for sure so it doesn't get held back by 360s hardware. It would be what GTA was truly meant to be: a huge seemless world ON ONE DISC maybe with free online aspects like Demon's Souls. That would be amazing.

colonel1793271d ago

If you you think sales make a good game you are not a gamer, or your first console was the xbox360.

ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, Okami, are examples of masterpieces that didn't sell halo numbers, and are infinitely and beyond better than Halo, Gears of War, or GTA 4.

chrisulloa3271d ago

"infinitely and beyond better than Halo, Gears of War, or GTA 4."

I agree that they are good games, but no they aren't infinitely better, as more work was put into all 3 of the above titles. However, many games are popular among critics for a reason. That's why Halo, GoW, and GTA are better than Shadow of the Colossus, ICO, and Okami. (By the way I do love Okami and SotC)

PopEmUp3271d ago

Chris lmao you're such a tool
"Halo, GoW, and GTA are better than Shadow of the Colossus, ICO, and Okami."

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Antan3272d ago


Oh wait, it already will.

Xeoset3272d ago

What "GTA5" Needs To Do...

Be more like the Xbox 360's LatD + BogT.

spektical3271d ago

lol true that.. but TEH SALES!!

Shadow Man3271d ago

I didn't buy Forza3 because I find racing sims to be boring including GT. I did enjoy playing Dirt2. Hopefully tomorrow I get my copy of Gay Tony, I'm dying to play that mofo.