God of War III Demo Footage

Gb writes: "We all know the popularity of Kratos and God of War 3. So for those who are dying to see Kratos in action, watch the videos below."

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Fraught3275d ago

Looks like old God of War, but good ol' God of War. I loved the first two games oh-so much, definitely very much waiting for this one.

3275d ago
gameseveryday3275d ago

gow3==game of the year 2010. Its gng to happen, M sure

diddies3275d ago

God of War III is going to be terrible. It is going to be the same thing as last 2 God of Wars.

williamkenny3275d ago

God of War II was similar to the first one, but it still sold like hotcakes. If they just improve and expand, what's wrong with keeping with similar content?

Alcon Caper3275d ago

looks like the same ol god of war...oh well

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