PS3/X360/PC Preview - Stranglehold

WorthPlaying previews John Woo Presents "Stranglehold" for the PS3,X360 and PC.

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CAPS LOCK4584d ago

for this game. i wonder when it would be released. oh yeah what happened to killing day? it looked awesome, i heard it got canceled or something, can someone tell me more about it?

ps3gogetitt4584d ago

can anyone tell me if the movie on the disc is any good anyway? i like the idea but if the movie sucks then the extra 10bucks blahhhhh

Bathyj4584d ago (Edited 4584d ago )

If you like John Woo, then Yeah, the movies good. These 2 guys practically made each others careers with movies like Hard Boiled and The Killer. I know which version I'm getting. Especially since this looks like another great game for the Spitfish Frag FX controller.