ESRB reveals Streets of Rage 2 for XB360

The increasingly reliable ESRB website has a new 360 game that many might be interested in. It seems Streets of Rage 2 has been reviewed and rated accordingly by the ESRB, which now has "Xbox 360? written in the Platform box along with the Wii. It was throught originally to be only on the Wii Virtual Console.

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marionz4749d ago

this is one of my fave games from the megadrive days!

kewlkat0074749d ago

for virtual console. I think 2 was the best.

after all, this was SEGA's answer to SNES's "Final Fight".

CODY and AXEL, they look the same to me.

donscrillinger4749d ago

i love this game! the music on this one was sick along with the 1st one also

N4GayFanturds4749d ago

Double Dragon, Turtles and now SoR! Now it's time to hope for Kung Fu Master and Unreal Tournament.

AcidRhain4749d ago

More than likely, they will rework the games engine for the XBLA, just like all the classic arcade games. It'll look more polished.

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The story is too old to be commented.