Top 10 Nintendo DS Games of All Time (5-1)

GB writes: "So, here we are with the second installment of the Top 10 Nintendo DS Games of All Time. I'll be honest, the Top 5 was much, much harder to make, mostly because of the fact that all of the games in the Top 5 were very hard to put into order, since all of them are such amazingly great games. My opinion on how they should be ordered may change during the years, as some of them have new installments in the same series coming out, but I think I finally got my preferred order down pretty well. Also, I know that there are certain DS games that, in many peoples' eyes, "must be" on a Top Nintendo DS Games List, and while I've never quite liked this phrase, I'd still like to remind other people that it's "my list". I choose what goes where, based on what I liked, not based on what other people think. My choices may be different from the majority, but I, myself, speaking as a regular internet-goer, like lists that have surprising entries more, than lists that have predictable choices. And in case you haven't read the first one, here it is. Without further ado, let's go on."

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gameseveryday3276d ago

Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box rightly deserves the second spot. I fully agree with the list.

Fraught3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

I agree. I've always loved the Professor Layton games. They've really pulled me in, due to the wonderful storylines, and characters. Also, the puzzles are pretty fun.

I remember how empty a feeling I got, how sad I was, to, after finishing Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box, go back to the real world. That says a lot about the game.

AnttiApina3276d ago

Phoenix Wright Deservers it. I thought the game would be dull and withouth a backstory. BUT OH BOY! What an amazing game it was! I have beat the whole trilogy and the last game I beat was Apollo's Justice.

gameseveryday3276d ago

Ideally Chrono Trigger should have been placed a bit higher, may be number one, since thats one of the best DS games i have played in a long time.

Fraught3276d ago

Meh, it's a remake from 1995, maybe it's not aged that well. To him, at least.

gameseveryday3276d ago

was the DS released in 1995?

gameseveryday3276d ago

no i actually thought the game was released on the ds in 1995 and re read what u wrote so u sai it was a remake. My bad :)

butterfinger3276d ago

and it was broken into 2 halves to generate more hits. If you want a real top DS games list, look at IGN's Top 25 DS games of all time and their top 25 DS games under $20.

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