Quantic Dream to Explore Motion Control in "the near future"

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

Sony's Motion Controller system was announced at this year's E3, showing true 1:1 control and camera mapping, with a mixture of the special controller and the PlayStation Eye. At the Tokyo Game Show, Sony detailed several games that would use the motion sensor, including a Resident Evil game. Now, at this year's Eurogamer Expo, PlayStation LifeStyle managed to ask Quantic Dream's CEO, and writer and director of Heavy Rain, David Cage, about his views on the new Motion Controller.

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Sev3275d ago

I've played the game, and it would actually fit very well with a motion controller.

Lifewish3275d ago

It seems like it would work good I jut don't like motion controls

Sev3275d ago

I am not a big fan of motion controls myself. I own a Wii but it's not something I really buy games for. Super Mario Galaxy and Punchout were all I really enjoyed, and I didn't use motion controls. Nintendo has managed to make excellent games using motion controls. So I am thinking maybe Sony first-party studios would have similar success developing for a PS3 motion controller.

DoucheVader3275d ago

Heavy Rain does seem like a good fit.

decimalator3275d ago

I am skeptical about motion controls. Sixaxis tanked, but then again nobody really used it properly. With Sony pushing the new controller so hard, hopefully the devs will do something interesting with it.