Uncharted 2 takes over largest game store in UK

The GameStation store in the Bullring Centre is the largest games store in the UK (in terms of floor space), and Sony clearly hasn't wasted any time in getting Nathan Drake's face out there where people will see it.

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NateNater3274d ago

Thats about 1/3 of the size of the Modern Warfare 2 poster I saw on a local best buy window last week.

Fishy Fingers3274d ago

Of course, everything in America is bigger. Including the people ;)

AP3274d ago

Well, this is the largest GAME store. It was 2 floors. Best Buy etc are basically what we call Supermarkets here, which are an entirely different kettle of fish.

ZBlacktt3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

You ever notice how here in the states. Look in the front window at Video game stores. Notice how it's most always loaded with MS Xbox stuff? Be it games systems, etc. You'll see a little stack of PS3 slims, etc. But mostly all MS stuff. I've started paying attention to this 6 months ago here at 3 of our local Malls. They seem to push the cheaper system out the door more than the higher end PS3 system. I guess they are pushing America's product first here too. Even though it's a total lemon. But see if you see the same thing near you.

hotgamergirl3273d ago

I can't believe that store is actually called Gamestation. Isn't that the name for fake consoles on TV shows.

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blacsheep3274d ago

uncharted 2 has 36 perfect scores (1 less than gta4) but has much more above 95 scores, uncharted 2 has ZERO below 90 scores whilst gta has TWO below 90 at 88 and 87 yet gta 4 has a metacritic of 98 whilst uncharted is on 96?

leeger3274d ago

Get a life and learn some math.

ZBlacktt3274d ago

The scores are a joke. Play little attention to them. I mean GTA became the fastest/most traded in game ever. From both consoles and GameCrazy and EB Games, etc. Stopped taking them in on trades at one point. Then look at StreetFighter IV. It has a score the same as MGS4. Like who the hell was on crack to give it that? It's the same damn game from 20 years ago. I own it and have many of the trophies. But it's nothing new at all. So simple, one screen two players fighting, oh yeah really in depth. In GTA, it was pure hype off the last game, which is still 100 times better.