Sony's Yoshida: PS3 Focus Caused PSP Neglect

As Sony Computer Entertainment focused its time and resources on launching and supporting its flagship PlayStation 3, the company let support for the capable PSP fall by the wayside, admitted Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida in a recent Gamasutra interview.

"We look at all the titles we are working on and try to see if there are any holes or areas where our focus isn't enough," he said as part of a larger interview. "A couple of years ago we clearly put too much focus on PS3 titles and that caused a lack of support for the PSP last year. So we need to be focused and gear a lot of our resources back to the PSP, and we have many titles this year."

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Dellis3272d ago

Sony juggles alot of balls, they need to drop that PS2 support already.

zoks3103272d ago

Its been 4 years now, the PSP should have its own team working on it. It seem like Sony only have one group of people to rotate between the PS3, PS2, and PSP, which wont work, because when they are focused on one platform the other falls behind.
Do what Activision did and give each platform its own team, and rotate them so they will all be familiar with both platforms.