Insomniac on creating a non-Sony platform game

ConnectedConsoles: Insomniac confirmed that their Ratchet & Clank series would not be going to Xbox or Wii anytime soon a couple of weeks ago. Now, IG have said that creating a non-Sony platform game is a possibility for the future.

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piroh3274d ago

but anyway sony has many development studios, much more than competitors

SlipperyMooseCakes3274d ago

Like Insomniac said, "never say never". I don't forsee it in the immediate future but there's always the option. If we have learned anything this generation it is that exclusivity with companies is growing smaller and smaller and with games like Final Fantasy, amongst many other games hopping around platforms, anything could happen.

Indeed great studio Insomniac is. Ratchet and Clank is one of my favorite series.

gaffyh3274d ago

I think they are saying this because they have a new studio which they created for Multiplat development, and has been working on a game for a few years.

N4G king3274d ago

"In my opinion, for the current generation, I think it would be good for Insomniac to stick with Sony. Though when the next generation get's under way, Insomniac should go all out to impress gamers across the platforms."

blackmagic3274d ago

This is Insomniac reminding Sony that they have options. Second party devs get a lot of funding, technical support, marketing etc from companies like Sony and Insomniac has been with Sony for so long they probably have to remind them every now and again that nothing is stopping them from leaving so keep the support coming... or else.

Hellsvacancy3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

U watch itll b a iPhone game or summin daft like that


They can leave if they want but they'd have to develop new ips for the other systems, Sony own the rights to the Ratchet and Clank and Resistance franchises. I see no reason why they'd leave anyway, they have endless amounts of money from Sony to dev games and seem to have alot of creative control over what they do. I think it would only damage Insomniac if they left Sony.

Sitdown3274d ago

Ummm, if its in their best interest to "betray Sony" then guess what they will do? Anyhoo...I think at best it would be a iphone (as somebody already stated) or ds title, I mean the user base for the ds is huge. So why not bait ds users with a nice title, and then draw them into the ps3 universe.......assuming they are not already a part of the ps3 universe.

3274d ago
ThanatosDMC3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

If MS hands the company ton of money and gives each employee a $2M "gift" check, if i were Insomniac or an employee... i'll be bending over so fast.

$2M is the estimated amount MOST people make in their lifetime, btw, after taxes.

Perjoss3274d ago

everyone has a price :)

HypnoticMonkey3274d ago


Of course the title is misleading, that's how the 99% of the articles on N4G work.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3274d ago

@MNicholas, your comment was kinda off-topic but I am reading the article anyway and let me tell you that it is good! Everything they say is from a technical stand point (not artistic) and they even show videos and images to prove that what they say it's true.

The conclusion? GT5:P wins! =)

Now, what was the site that was saying that Forza 3 looked better than GT again?

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NeoCloud3274d ago

I like their games and everything, but i think they are getting alittle to [c o c k y], Ever heard the saying -------- U NEVER KNOW HOW GOOD U HAVE SOMETHING TILL ITS GONE.But i know they will never stop making games for Sony.

Darkstorn3274d ago

Insomniac makes great games. Let other consoles have the ability to experience them in the future.

3sexty rulzzz3273d ago

bad sales; they are really breaking even. I want to personally thank the fanboys for everything they have done. Keep it up

ABizzel13273d ago

Insomniac said this a long time ago, and they also stated that the PS3 was their priority, so if it ever does happen more than likely it won't be this gen.

sikbeta3273d ago

"Insomniac makes great games. Let other consoles have the ability to experience them in the future"

The only possibility I can see in a (long) future is maybe to make a game for N, a new/fresh/innovative game on the "shooter console" not make any sense at all and Sony if see that is worth It'll purchase in a second

VARIETY > stuck genre


ReservoirDog3163273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

I doubt it but if true...

By the way, I'll support them wherever they go.

ps3d03273d ago

"Never say never. Who knows what the future holds"

Translation we are hard at work on games for the 360 and wii

ico923273d ago

isn't insomniac owned by sony?

HolyOrangeCows3273d ago

Get your crucifixes comes Microsoft with a bundle of cash.


haha - I needed a laugh. You make it sound like a soap opera.
what you call betrayal is just buisness.If it was worth it to them I am sure they would develop for other platforms. They can pretty much write their own ticket if they want.They are one of the reasons sony is big in the biz.They could do very well without Sony.

pain777pas3273d ago

Some games should stay on one platform so that they remain special. I know that Square's FF move may hurt them in the end. When everyone can have it then that feeling of getting something special is lost. Companies should be weary of that when they try to go multiplat that weren't before. Bungie would probably be in the same boat as Insomniac if they did the same thing. However, a good game is a good game and I hope them the best in anything that they do cause they have made great games as long as I can remember which is right back to the PS1 Spyro days.

DRUDOG3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

When you see a Bungie game on a Sony console you'll see an Insomniac game on a MS console...

IOW, don't hold your breath.

RememberThe3573273d ago

Think about the "still" part.

XxZxX3273d ago

actually they will,

but to break their alliance with Sony to two inferior consoles, the hell they won't.

NewZealander3273d ago

who cares, insomniac are over rated, they are just like rare, good once upon a time but severely outclassed in todays video game industry.

Sarcasm3273d ago

Insomniac is a great developer, though I love having them as a Sony Exclusive developer, I will not feel bad at all if they ever decided to do multiple platforms in the future. That way, more people will be able to buy their games and fund them so we'll have better games. At this point they've delivered us 3 generations worth of games from Spyro, to Ratchet, and Resistance. They deserve the support from the gaming community as a whole and not just from Sony and it's fans. Good luck Insomniac!

caffman3273d ago

I say is good business sense

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RadientFlux3274d ago

While I don't really care if Insomniac develops a multi-platform game or not. I would like to see Insomniac branch out, and try a few different game genre's like an RTS, MMORPG or tradition style adventure game.

stb3274d ago

they a part of sony since ps2...doesnt sony own with them stop this, just stick only and ever with the hard that to understand, whatever they do, do that with another dev team name and no with the insonniac one..but W/e doesnt sony has this sucky dev team as one of their first party!!!!now is the loss of first party exclusives

n4gn4gn4gn4g3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

They are not 'part of SONY since PS2'.

Of concern to PS fans (if branching out affects PS games) is that 'next gen' could be as early as next year if the Wii HD rumours are true. I could see R&C selling very well on the Nin Platforms. Anyone know if SONY owns the IP or if Insomniac does?

Edit: I can't click through to the source firewall blocks it. So thanks for the IP info. I was MAINLY commenting about SONY owning Insomniac and not the article persay...thus why I commented on a thread having not read the original source.

Carl14123274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

No, Sony doesn't own them, and never has, and likely never will. Undoubtedly Sony has offered to buy them, but Insomniac like the freedom of being an independent studio

EDIT: @above, Sony owns Insomniac's IPs

3sq3274d ago

Didn't you read the article?

"We obviously will never make a Resistance or Ratchet game on another platform because Sony owns those IPs. But as far as new IP goes, who knows? I could see that future. But right now we're very happy with the relationship we have with Sony."

Foliage3274d ago

I don't know most of what you were trying to say, but Insomniac is fully independent, Sony do not own them. I don't know where you got that from.

Sony as a publisher owns the rights to Ratchet and Resistance, but not any new IP they decide to release. All they would need would be a different publisher, or self funding.

They don't owe Sony anything. As for why they would release a multi-platform game... well more money. If Sony isn't funding them enough, unfortunately to increase their business they might have to eventually. Games cost a lot of money these days. It's hard to stay devoted to a single console, independently.

Since Sony has too much respect to buy exclusivity, either they make Insmoniac one of their official developers, or they have no say what happens.

It makes you wonder, what happens if Microsoft goes dropping more moneybags? Does Insomniac really stay exclusive?

Carl14123274d ago

I really doubt Insomniac would agree to be bought out by either Sony or Microsoft. They love their freedom too much

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Snatcher3274d ago

TRAITOR :((((((((( TRAITOR :(((((((((


3sq3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

A CRACK IN TIME is own by Sony. Besides Isomniac Games Dev/Company is not own by Sony, so they are free to do whatever they want to. How can they be a traitor if they were not one of Sony to begin with???

Do you ever use your head to think?

Sevir043274d ago

Insomniac has been independent and have had a Long LONG relationship with SONY since the days of the First Playstation. infact. spyro launched with the playstation and at that point Sony owned that IP until they sold it to universal after Year of the Dragon.

Insomniac has said time and time again that multiplatfomr development is very fascinating to them, but They are very greatful to be exclusive with Sony because they have taken care of them for well over 13 years... So while they May in the next gen want to develop on multiple platforms , dont be surprised if Sony Offers to pay for full support to keep what ever titles new IP's Insomniac develops exclusive to the PS Platform. this is similar to how bungie said MS has first dibs on any IP Bungie makes, before any other publisher or platform holder can get at it.

So more than likely any new IP Insomniac creates , Sony will have first grabs at it.

Isaac3274d ago

With this post he just wants to give Sony fans a bad name.