Sony & PlayStation takes over UK retail

The Bullring Centre in Birmingham, England, is one of the largest shopping centres in Europe, and Sony has come out in full force to promote the PlayStation name to the public, with a very impressive display.

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Elvfam5113277d ago

pretty awesome

Full speed ahead

eye eye captain

Pennywise3276d ago

All aboard the Sony Express!

Marceles3276d ago

Sony's been doing really good on the advertising lately. Everytime I watch TV I see a Playstation commercial on every break, when before I would only see about 2 commercials a month.

siyrobbo3276d ago

they had something like this the other day at highcross in leicester, they had ratchet and clank playable, and a big sofa with blu-rays playing. Pretty impressive. Also in beaumount lees shopping centre they had an XBOX 360 stand, where you could sing with lilly allen. It was completely empty, and the people on the stand looked bored out of their skulls, like they hadnt had any interest all day

Seems MS is putting too much emphasis on its music games, while sony is emphasising everything the PS3 is capable of

cyberwaffles3276d ago

i think you mean "aye aye captain," but its all good.

Parapraxis3276d ago

Did anybody else notice the butt flashing from the girl in the bottom left square?

Marceles3276d ago

lol you would notice that :P

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For some reason that giant PS logo just gave me flash back of the PS1's launch back in 1995.

Crash Bandicoot, Metal gear solid, Tomb raider, Spyro, Tekken, Ape Escape, Ridge Racer dam! so many memories in just one glance at the PS Logo.

Those days will never be forgotten...*sniff sniff* :-(

sinncross3276d ago

Ape Escape was so awesome.

I really cant wait to see what Sony have install for the next instalment in the Ape Escape series which will be a launch title for the PS3 'Sphere' motion control.

Karlnag33277d ago

Sony may be slow to start but they stay up longer... 360 goes limp pretty quick but nothing goes limp faster than the wii... that thing lasts like 5 minutes.

Figured the 360 fans would like penis metaphors since it fits with their childish mentality... play Halo online and listen to the game chat for a bit, you'll get what I mean.

vhero3276d ago

I know EXACTLY what you mean have a bubble!

Karlnag33276d ago

Me likey the bubbles! And now I gotta go back to work -.-;

Jinxstar3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

I believe you have a solid opinion and bubs up for that but... Well... I have a wii a PS3 and a good gaming rig. I had a 360... Traded it in to upgrade my PC... The logic behind trading in the 360 over the wii I would say is. I REALLY enjoyed Twilight princess. I enjoyed Super mario Galaxy. I enjoyed mad world and there are a TON of games on V con and it has BC with my Game cube games like Rogue Squadron and my Zelda collectors edition promo disc... So really it is a very solid system as a whole. Granted the Wii has very few titles worth buying but it offers a lot more then that to me as a serious gamer...

like I said you share an opinion with many other gamers in the Wii's down sides but I feel it has some solid experiences and things like Metal Slug anthology are just great. I wish they made better games as well and I am excited for Epic Mickey and SMG2 but apart from that the next 12 months looks pretty dry to me as well but V con has some great classics I just love so for my nostalgic fix there is no better place then the Wii...

Karlnag33276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Nintendo just needs to:
1) Make it HD so it doesn't look like a giant turd is on my TV.
3) Get rid of all the shovelware and mindless mote flailing.
4) I almost bought one yesterday because it was 1st of the month which is pay day and I had cash to burn and want to play endless ocean and mad world but decided against it because of the tv thing so really this is just point one again... yay for wasting peoples time with rambling. :D
5) make a Wii Halo game

-pause for laughs-

heheh... nah, I don't wish that upon anyone but the idiots dumb enough to wish it upon themselves. Halo got old; DO SOMETHING NEW BUNGIE.

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El Nino3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

bu bu but i thought sony doesnt know how to advertise or promote its products????????

waltercross3276d ago

I Saw a PS3 Commercial yesterday, It advertised the PSN
and other features, Including Blu-Ray, I Was surprised because
usually I don't see many PS3 Commercials, Let alone ones that
promote It's Features.

Things are going well for the PS3 Train, Lets all hop on board.

Sitdown3276d ago

are you serious? This definitely is not a sign that Sony knows how to market and advertise. Ask yourself much greater of any impact do you really think this will have than somebody walking by the video game store in a mall? I feel like I would pretty much get the same experience. Sony just needs to continue churning out the tv commercials and let word of mouth do its thing. Sony should do to Microsoft and Nintendo what Microsoft is trying to do with Apple regarding pricing. Put up pictures/screens of UC2 or KZ2 beside Perfect Dark...and then under the picture list specs for their respective consoles. The best way to win consumers is confront their ignorance, after that...they usually have no where else to hide.

On a side seems odd that they say "Sony $ Playstation"

UltimateIdiot9113276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Sony is like a sleeping giant. Fanboys thought they could bring it down with bias preaching. Now that Sony is starting to move in full gears, the tides have turn.

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