Sony shares drop after losses increase

The value of shares in Sony Corporation fell by almost 6 per cent today after the release of the company's financial results last Friday.

Second quarter numbers saw sales drop by almost a quarter versus the previous year - despite PlayStation 3 numbers up significantly - leading to losses of JPY 58.8 billion (USD 651 million).

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nycredude3276d ago

So N4g is now also a stock ticker? I just. Is it goig to update everytime the share price of Sony changes, becuase as of 1 minute ago it was only down .9%

TOO PAWNED3276d ago

indeed, this is ridiculous

Godmars2903276d ago

You forget the 360 fanboys calling for blood, Sony's demise, at the start of this gen.

Why wouldn't one of them find bad Sony news when gaming is so positive?

Maddens Raiders3276d ago

Sony be doomed? Before there were a few lulz, but it's a bit old now, really.

nycredude3276d ago

Yeah only Sony's AND MS's and been up almost 25% from a year ago, as N4G below states. This isn't gaming news, and I wonder who the hell approved this garbage. N4g never ceases to amaze me.

Nineball21123276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )


Umm, Jamie approved it. You know, the guy who (I think) owns the website?

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Right after the crash and right after Xbox lowered their price in 2008.

1 year stock change:

SNE ADR: +25.26%
MSFT: +24.89%
NIN ADR: -17.55%

Makes you go hmmmmm.

elcompa4253276d ago

Its ridiculous, I have a ticker on my macbook to tell me this...I don't wanna read this doodoo on N4G, instead I want to read fanboy stuff and debbie downer crap, to make SONY look awful...oh wait....IT IS AN ARTICLE TO MAKE SONY LOOK BAD!


rockerboy3276d ago

why does nobody on here post microsofts losses ?