Modern Warfare 2 will exceed $500 million in week 1

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter believes global sales of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will "exceed $500 million in the first week following launch".

In his Activision Blizzard Q3 Preview, Pachter also estimated that the highly anticipated title will "easily sell 10 million units in Q4 [Oct-Dec]"

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killersmoke3366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

I think the game will make at the least $240,000,000 to $420,000,000 being the most in first week sales.
thats about 4-6 million between both systems, PS3, XBOX 360.

If I had to guess the exact, it's going to land about 4.75 million copies sold.. which would put world wide sales to 285,000,000..

MR. Michael Pachter = FAIL...

The_Devil_Hunter3366d ago

This guy just loves stating the obvious.

"Today in America, people will eat"- Pachter

Noctis Aftermath3366d ago

This guy is a complete idiot, so are the people who post these articles concerning him.

Elvfam5113366d ago

and you look so stupid posting a comment in this article concerning about people posting
n4g is to easy now and days

TheAntiFanboy3366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )

That's over 8 million sales. o_o

Edit: Assuming that all of the sales are of the non-prestige edition. Which they aren't.

So... maybe 7 million sales?

TotalPS3Fanboy3366d ago

Activision needs to raise the price even higher!

StanLatMarveldotCom3366d ago

Is this the same Michael Pachter who claimed Borderlands was put out to die by 2K Games? The same Borderlands that has sold more that 400K units in its launch week? FAIL!

cyberwaffles3366d ago

so pachter thinks MW2 is going to sell 8.3 million copies the first week?

ok, people need to start bookmarking all of his predictions and resend them to the agency pachter works for so they can fire him.

AAACE53365d ago

I hate when he states the obvious! He's as bad as a psychic telling you that you will be getting a large sum of money... You wanna say, "Of course i'll be getting a large sum of money, I get paid next week you dumb [email protected]$#!"

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Darkeyes3366d ago

Thank you Mr Obvious....

Jsynn73366d ago

It's Captain Obvious to you, sir!

TooTall193366d ago

I played KZ2 instead of World at War so I'm ready for some CoD. Even if it is published by Activsion.

sashimi3366d ago

I except this to have a high burst of sales then decrease dramatically after the initial first week sales.
Look i am a analyst now /s

TheAntiFanboy3366d ago

Analysts actually spew their bullsh*t with a rudimentary understanding of the English language, at least...

tdrules3366d ago

nice sense you make none of it you do

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