Official Japanese box art for Final Fantasy XIII

This final box art for Final Fantasy XIII was uploaded a few moments ago on Square Enix's own e-store. It's identical to most of the other Japanese Final Fantasy box arts (white background and logo). Note that while the image is small, it clearly doesn't have a Playstation Network icon. The icon, however, was present at the end of the English Final Fantasy XIII trailer.

Source: e-store (Square Enix)

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Yarite3273d ago


I remember all the people complaining that the image with Lightning on the horse was the final design.

What say you now?

villiers3273d ago

So it seems like it will be the same with XIII.

Japan gets the simple awesome original box-art.

USA will get the horrible box-art with the character collage.

Europe gets the same as the Japanese box-art.

XIII, Versus and the XIV matching box-arts will look great with my Playstation FF collection. Also have a good feeling us Sony owners will get a XIII and VsXIII limited edition game bundle.

blitz06233273d ago

I like this one much better than the one with Lightning

Julie3273d ago

me too i like that box art i wish we could have that one :3

Lifendz3273d ago

I'd import this in a second. God, Spring of next year is going to be nuts! GT5, this, and God of War III. Also Heavy Rain. MAG is in there sometime as well. This is madness!

Marceles3273d ago

Yeah the boxart has always been the logo behind a white background on every single FF game in Japan lol. The people arguing about it obviously didn't have a clue what they were talking about.

Chubear3273d ago

Wait, so is this still releasing in JPN for December? If so then when in December?

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Sevir043273d ago

Tetsuya Nomura's talent goes to waste everytime they dont publish his art on the cover of the box art... which is why i love the US box art... I simply cant wait. Japan and EU/UK can keep this box, i'll take the US box over this.

SpoonyRedMage3273d ago

But Yoshitaka Amano>Tetsuya Nomura.

*runs for cover*

Argento-Nox3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )


If you have to run for cover by saying Yoshitaka Amano>Tetsuya Nomura, I better hide myself =). Amano's art is recognizable to any FF fan, for FF games before FF7.

theusedfake3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

I'm glad they kept the
traditional boxart going.

kaz-hirai3273d ago

Its as plain looking as the xbox360 ;-D!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.