PS3 Slim 250GB Slim Shipping Out


"The console war over hard drive space between Sony and Microsoft continues...

The long rumored, and recently announced PlayStation 3 250GB Slim model is available and shipping at Amazon!

Not a bad upgrade for only $50 more...

The PlayStation 3 250GB Slim officially ships on November 3, 2009, but we have received word that they are shipping out for Tuesday delivery!

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Blaster_Master3272d ago

Im waiting for the God of War 3 bundle in march. Ive never needed to upgrade from my 80 gig. 250 gigs really is over kill.

J-Train3272d ago

coming to australia november 26 :)

jeseth3272d ago

I put a 250gb HDD in my launch 60gb PS3 and I've had it that way for 2 years now. I have a dozen or so PSN games, 12 full length movies, 40 episodes of Family Guy, hundreds of songs, thousands of pictures . . .all on my PS3 and there's still 107gb remaining.

Its perfect for just about everything....we'll put together playlists and slideshows then just let them play while we have people over, and when you have that on a huge LCD Tv it really helps at good atmosphere and conversation when having guests over.

250gb is a perfect size HDD for this gen. Especially with all the downloadable content now-a-days (damn I sound old).