Insomniac: Now We Can Perform Tricks On PS3

Ratchet & Clank and Resistance developer Insomniac Games is now so familiar with creating games on the PS3 that it can "perform tricks on it".

Speaking to in a wide-ranging interview, senior community manager James Stevenson said the California developer has overcome the PS3 development "learning curve".

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

is that they share these 'tricks' with other developers at low/no cost.


Sanzee3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Listen to what you're saying. The problem isn't that they should be sharing the trick they know, the problem is the fact that more developers haven't mastered the PS3's hardware. Yes, it's complicated in certain ways. But so are the other consoles. The real problem I see here, is Sony failing to take initiative to help casual and low-level game developers master the PS3 hardware. What's ironic about this, is that Naughty Dog, developers of the infamous Uncharted 2, have actually mastered the PS3 more than Nintendo has the Wii. In general, most developers find it easy to develop on the 360. It's easy to make games on the Wii, but hard to find a concept that works. The PS3 is more challenging, but in the end it can perform slightly better.

So... with Naughty Dog joining the "we can walk on f*cking water" party of game developers (the list is very short indeed), Sony now has options... why not have Naughty Dog teach a freaking seminar? A few press conferences, a few powerpoint presentations, and ta-da! You've got the PS3 development problem out of the way.

Both the Xbox 360 and PS3 can do some amazing things, but for the first time this generation, we're seeing what the PS3 is capable of. Take advantage of it Sony. Assemble a team of crime-fighting PS3 hardware ninja masters, and teach the developers the trick of the trade! Let's see what this "little-big slim" box can do. Wocka Wocka!

n4gn4gn4gn4g3271d ago

shares with 3rd party developers through EDGE. With SONY studios they have made their source code open to all.

UnSelf3271d ago

this just in......... the PS3 isnt as hard to develop for as devs made it seem

Bereaver3271d ago

You act like you've though that the ps3 and the 360 were always equal and you had no clue the ps3 had the power to do more.

Just because no one has made a game capable of using the full potential of it, doesn't mean it isn't there.

Japanese usually don't spit out stuff that they don't mean, ESPECIALLY when it comes to business. Unlike some companies.....

But yeah, with that rant out of the way. Yes, I believe Sony should have more seminars to help developers get their fear out of the way.

Lifendz3271d ago

now use those "tricks" to give Resistance 3 with Killzone 2 like graphics but with the same feel as Resistance 1. I like all the stats of R2 and there's no need to make the multiplayer any bigger IMO. More co-op missions as well.

Can't wait to see what R3 looks like.

LazyDevs3271d ago

Considering they have put 4 games out on the PS3 and finally they can make improvements they say, HOGWASH! I mean come on R&C TOD then R&C CIT no improvement what so ever, actually a downgrade from the previous version. Man they put out 3 games before the new R&C and they make the new one look worse, how can that be. Did they not learn anything at all from shoving out games so fast on the PS3. Then Resistance 1 VS Resistance 2 i thought was a decent leap forward and i know some people would say they like 1 better than 2 but not me. After playing the new R&C i am really starting to loose faith in Insomniac. Hopefully they can restore my faith with their 5th title on the PS3.

Tarasque3271d ago

I mean really it takes you your 5th game on a system to understand it and to start using it to it's potential. But they didn't have a problem spitting out a new game every year though did they. Nothing like spitting out a game like R&C TOD then spitting out a expansion for it and charge 60 bucks, yeah good time indeed.

MNicholas3271d ago

certainly much more powerful than the 360 as evidenced by two top of the line exclusives, GT5 Prologue (2007) and Forza 3 (2009).

BTW: GT5 Prologue >> Forza 3 says DF

Digital Foundry put up a Forza 3 vs GT5 Prologue comparison and some people are trying very hard to keep this exciting news item hidden from you.

Here it is:

GT5 Prologue wins by a landslide. So much so that the writer apologies not just for saying so but for Turn10 with unfounded speculation about their development priorities.

Turns out that Forza 3 doesn't even have AF enabled.

Xgamerzus3271d ago

These guys have the PS3 Dialed!!
Out of all other dev teams they have the most distinguished games out!
BUt I fear Sony may not be funding them properly and giving them enough time ,but now with the PS3 at 299.
The console should sale more thus less pressure to turn out games to compete against Gears etc...
They can now focus on the quality of their games levels and design and give us the Breath taking visual fantastic bliss that was intended with certain stages of R2 I can't wait!!
Bring it on Insomniac.Hollywood is getting closer to theconsloe experience I can taste it!!!

Xgamerzus3271d ago

ROTF LMAO Great levity great line!!! Edge of blade

good stuff dude!!!

leila013271d ago

I hope those "tricks" invole 60fps and split-screen. Graphics aren't that important, gameplay first.

ThanatosDMC3271d ago

I hope R3 will have the full single player campaign co-op, then a separate co-op for the 8 players one, then multiplayer... but make it a ton more graphically impressive than R2. It was awesome to see a ton of enemies on screen with a ton of particles being shot all over the place while keeping 8 players together.

Makes me wonder why Lost Planet 2 online cant keep each freaking monster the same on another player's screen. It's like playing Monster Hunter in which non-boss monsters are in different locations from each person playing online together. I mean, they did everything perfectly on RE5 that your co-op buddy can see the exact same enemy at the same place he's seeing.

DaTruth3270d ago

I practically only buy PS3 exclusives, unless there's a concept I really like in the multiplats. Sony makes more money from first party developers than they do from third party multiplats; So where is the incentive to help them.

As long as third parties keep producing shoddy software, PS3 owners will keep throwing their money at first parties!

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edgeofblade3271d ago

You heard it here: Insomniac is turning tricks to make PS3 profitable.... </kidding>

Feral Gamer3271d ago

Hey, did they do a trick and make the screen tearing disappear from the new Ratchet and Clank? I haven't played it yet but I wanted to pick it up... The first PS3 game had screen tearing and it was my first R&C game ever.

SL1M DADDY3271d ago

You don't play too many console games then huh?

Pennywise3271d ago

Give me a break... its too early for tears.

Nitrowolf23271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

wait wait wait guys
first off im not sure what screen tearing is but i have been playing crack in time and had none in just the game, how ever when im looking a trophies and it goes to a cutscene or transition o a loading these big black gray bars swoop down. Im not trying to downplay it or anything, but this only occures when your in xmb while in-game. Im just saying, so i might get disagree for that. BTW the game is awesome almost beat it on hard then my data got corrupted :( now playing on easy :(

But honestly if that what i said was screen tearing its not bad, its only when u accecc the xmb at certain points

Feral Gamer3271d ago

I never said I wouldn't buy it! I was asking a sarcastic question based upon the title. Give me a break, I didn't mean anything mean by it. It was a joke.

Tarasque3271d ago

No but you can by a downgraded expansion for 60 bucks called R&C Cit.

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gijsbrecht3271d ago

The guys from Guerilla Games claim that when you get around the initial problems, it's in fact more easy to work with the PS3 than with the PS2. So it would indeed be great if devs who know the system well could 'teach' others how to deal with the PS3. It could mean so many more great games.

Snatcher3271d ago


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