Kameo 2 canned by Microsoft

Rare's secretly in-the-works Kameo sequel is just one casualty of a Microsoft project cull at the studio, to make way for more Natal development, CVG has learned.

Earlier this year the UK developer underwent a "company-wide restructure" to implement a "new approach" to its in-development projects, Microsoft revealed.

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Myst3270d ago

this about sums it up.

Kimbo Slice3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

microsoft putting there eggs in one basket again but results end in embarrassment, judgin by the wii's decline motion gaming is what we all knew it was.. a FAD/GIMMICK, and sony and microsoft are jumping on this bandwagon way too late

leila013270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

That Natal game better be fvcking good, or else...

badz1493270d ago

I was excited about Kameo but maybe at that time because it looked shinier than other games on PS2. it was an OK game but have potential if done right! for those who is expecting the next game, surely this is as bummer!

Anon19743270d ago

Rare's a great studio overall. It's sad to see them hijacked in Microsoft's attempt to grab some of Nintendo's casuals.

If Natal was so promising, they wouldn't be forcing studios to work on it, the studios would be lining up to make games for it.

Sarcasm3270d ago

Of course it's canned, they're saving up money in their piggy banks to buy GTA V DLC.

Godmars2903270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Rare was a great studio. Until MS got involved. This is just another example.

Not that they couldn't have a Kameo Natal title.

Sitdown3270d ago

That's right...blame it on Microsoft, but ask yourself this....why did Nintendo let Rare go so easily? Perhaps they saw the signs of a declining Rare, with that said...Rare has not necessarily been a bad company this generation....and if they truly have canned Kameo 2, then that is definitely a disappointment for me.

3270d ago
vhero3270d ago

Hahaha quality they can a potentially great game for an accessory that probably wont even do much for the console well done MS. They are really putting there eggs in 1 basket here.

likedamaster3270d ago

Unfortunate... Kameo:EOP was such a great game.

BRG90003270d ago

that there must have been issues with the development of Kameo 2. If it was coming along on schedule and looking like a solid title, they would not just can it. Most likely there were problems with the timeline or direction that played into the decision that they would rather put the resources into Natal.

4Sh0w3270d ago

"Our source clarified that disappointing sales of the 360 launch game - and not just the march towards Natal - also played a factor in its cancellation."

Although it didn't have any replay value for me, I actually liked Kameo, but I remember alot of folks saying they didn't like it much, now that Kameo2 is canned, its "OMG why did microsoft do that?", well maybe because Rare can do something bettter with Natal.

starvinbull3270d ago

Just highlights the difference between Sony and M$.

M$ have tens if not hundreds of millions for third party devs but nothing for their own.

Sony have tens if not hundreds of millions for their own devs but nothing for third party devs.

There are advantages to both approaches but when you see a successful developer being starved of cash it makes you wonder.

Let Rare make whatever they want I say, otherwise why buy them out in the first place?

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Johnny Rotten3270d ago

too bad, kameo could be a good series. I'd by kameo over natal any day.

SL1M DADDY3270d ago

I actually enjoyed the first Kameo. I would have been in for a second game of the series. I enjoy platform games and now it would seem that the king in platformers is Ratchet & Clank. MS had a decent competitor in Kameo and now they don't. Bummer.

Dark_Vendetta3270d ago

I liked Kameo too. So FU MS

bigrudowsky3270d ago

yup i was looking forward to it as well.

volcane3270d ago

Shame, I enjoyed Kameo.

RealityCheck3270d ago

I agree, it was a good entry title. Would have been interesting to see them expand on that with a sequel.

krisq3270d ago

Rare guys lost their touch :/

Redempteur3270d ago

NOt really they were just made too things that aren't games ... like avatars ...

Sure you'll be able to see the bottom of a shoe 's avatar with natal ..but i think i'll rather see another rare game ....

El_Colombiano3270d ago

No they didn't lose it, just limited by M$

Redempteur3270d ago

sorry i didnot see the banjoo vibe in nuts and bolts ...

thereapersson3270d ago

The first Kameo was a decent game! I would have liked to see the direction they would have taken with the sequel, tbh...

RealityCheck3270d ago

That's funny we said almost the same thing at the same time (see above).

I like diversity and Kameo was one of the rare platformer this generation.

thereapersson3270d ago

Hah, I just noticed that.

And lol @ your unintended pun