Gamers Just Want the Wii to be Another PlayStation (and why they need to STFU)

Gameplayer argues that Wii fans could be their own worst enemy when it comes to demanding new games, likening the console to the gay son whose parents are in denial.

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fuckface4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

This piece was like music to my ears! There’s so much possible with wii and it’s just the tip of the iceberg right now. These people just want more of the same, and try to put the wii down because it’s different. The wii is totally the gay kid of this generation!

It’s o.k. wii, I love you just the way you are. Don’t listen to those kids, they’re just insecure about their own controllers.

I have been excited about the possibilities with this console since I first heard about it. I just hope it has a chance to try new things; we can all click on a few stories, read the replies, and know that this market has a hard time with anything new. I think N is saying “screw the gamers” this time around, but my fingers are crossed. Who can blame them? They make a gamecube (which was my 1st since snes and genesis, and late in the cycle, but I loved it) which i heard was most powerful, and people complain about kiddie. This time, adult stuff is on wii, but they get ragged about not being technologically powerful enough. N can't win with "hardcores" anyway. They've always had their own cool style, and now they're rolling with it. Three cheers!

Am I the only one who could give a ratt’s arse about smash bros? I feel equally apathetic about metroid (though I must admit Mario will be cool). That’s why N got my $$, I want something original.

bootsielon4162d ago

Yes, I've wanted hardcore games for the Wii, and that's why I haven't bought it. And if it won't get them, then good for me, I'll save a few bucks.

Uganda644162d ago

That's right, Wii owners bought Wii KNOWING they were getting a unique experience. They will never get the main Final Fantasies, the GTAs, the Assassin's Creeds of this world, that's the trade off. They'll get the unique titles like EA's Playground and Boogie, Opoona, Wii Health and Wii Music. Rejoice Wii owners, the truth is here and it's clear!

Counter_ACT4162d ago

And thats why I DONT want a Wii. I want the main Final Fantasys, GTAs and Assassins Creed. I dont want Wii music or Boogie. rofl

anthonsh4161d ago

Wow, we're all agreeing for once!

texism4162d ago

Oh man this guy speaks the absolute truth. This thought has been buried in my skull the whole time and I didn't even know till he said it.

GameJunkieJim4162d ago

I bought a Wii for the Unique.

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