Microsoft Confirms 'Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays'

Microsoft has confirmed a new program called 'Xbox Live Arcade Wednesdays', which features a regular weekly launch schedule for new Xbox Live Arcade games over the Xbox 360 online service, seemingly addressing multiple recent game delay issues for the much-vaunted service.

Starting today, Xbox Live Arcade users will now go live on Wednesdays at 0800 GMT (Midnight Pacific) to download the first in what will be a series of new releases

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Marriot VP5925d ago

Finally some concrete XBLMP delivery. For the last month the content has been very slow, but will really pick up in the next couple months.

bernie5925d ago (Edited 5925d ago )

Every Wednesday from now on, a new arcade title, brilliant!
Froggers already here, then:
July 12 – Frogger
July 19 – Cloning Clyde
July 26 – Galaga
August 2 – Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting
August 9 – Pac-Man

and so far 29 more after that including Track & Field, Contra, Defender, Ultimate Mortal Kombat and loads more, take a look:-

. :)

Nodoze5925d ago

From the darkness emerges....a release schedule!!

This is great news. Keep up the pace MS!

Yomaster5925d ago

The WHOLE PROGRAM might get delayed for 3 months!