Brutal Gamer - God of War 3 Hands-on impressions

Brutal Gamer writes - 'We go toe to toe with Kratos in this hands-on preview

I gotta say I just love God of War. From the impressive visuals and huge landscapes, the ludicrous carnage, the massive boss battles and the occasional boobie – these games a great fun. The first God of Ward still lives on in my mind as the favourite of the bunch (most likely as it was new) but all three titles in the franchise have been superb fun. Now Sony#s San Diego studios are hoping to repeat previous success with the third, and reportedly last, installment of the franchise. Set to take place directly after the ending of God of War 2 very scant information is forthcoming on the actual story specifics – a strong element in previous God of War titles.'

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RedPawn3270d ago

Santa Monica Studios, Santa Monica Studios dammit.

This game will be outstanding, I believe, the demo is dishing out heart attack justice.