GTA 5: More evidence pointing to London

As it looks, the "Seagull" clue wasn't the only hint at the next location in the GTA series. A close look at the "Liberty City - It's over" ad from the booklet of "Episodes from Liberty City" reveals a stunning resemblance between the ad and the northern european coastline.

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nix3364d ago

ok... it's actually R* has had help from Sony and it's Getaway that's going to be turned into GTA V.

sniper-squeak3364d ago's going to be exclusive to the PS3? :D

whoelse3364d ago

This could all be a red herring of course.

ThanatosDMC3364d ago

I dont mind any locations as long as it's big a game as and awesome as San Andreas.

mal_tez923364d ago

As an aussie I approve this. The original Underbelly series is just begging for a video game and I think it would be perfect for the next GTA

rdgneoz33363d ago

Yes, the location of the game will be Australia and yet it'll be banned there :p

starvinbull3363d ago

I was hoping for GTA Somalia.

starvinbull3362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

It's official.

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TheDudeAbides3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

i think all this clues are not about next GTA's location because:
- they're given too early
- they're too abvious
- there is not enough criminal activity in Europe to host GTA (ok, im obviously wrong here, London is full of crime)
- Rockstar know Vice City is demanded as hell


Hellsvacancy3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

Wot r u talkin about? us here in Uk/Europe wrote the f-in rule book on underground crime

Londons the PERFECT place 2 host GTA V

artgamer3364d ago

lol, there's plenty of crime in London, take it from me.

Raider693364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

You must be joking right!But you probably dont know nothing about Europe?Italian mob,russian mob,ukrainian mod,Holligans,Skin Heads,Punk rockers,Black skins,Bullys,Pimps,Human traffic,a lot of prostitution,Gaming mobs,theres even Yakuza mobs in Europe you know among other ilegal subjects that are only found in Europe!I think theres enough stuff to make a new and great GTA in EUROPE!

Foxgod3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

Theres too much damn crime in Europe, we got assloads of east europian and african gangs in western europe.
They are insto stuff like Fraud, blackmailing, and attacking money transports.

Then theres the chinese and russian mobs, who are in illegal prostitution, drug and arm dealing.

nix3364d ago

boy.. world is a dangerous place.

ElementX3364d ago

Screw Vice City. I want something new.

TheDudeAbides3364d ago

But that's what GTA IV was mostly about, gangs, thugs and mobsters from Eastern Europe right.

Id like the GTA being in a few countries, but if it has to be one, make it Italy

mal_tez923364d ago

Hopefully they can make it cool like a Guy Ritchie movie.

calis3364d ago

"Wot r u talkin about? us here in Uk/Europe wrote the f-in rule book on underground crime"

They should make it GTA-Australia, it is where you guys sent the convicts ;-)

calis3364d ago

"there is not enough criminal activity in Europe to host GTA"

What does real life criminal activity have to do with anything? It's not based on real life, they could put it in the Vatican for all it would matter.

acedoh3364d ago

GTA games took place in London... And it didn't hide the London title. GTA London was on the PSone and was actually a lot of fun. It took place in the 60's and was probably the best original GTA title. I would take London any day. It would be a good change... Also the GTA IV is a year and a half old which means this time next year we may be seeing this game.

calis3364d ago

"^ignorant yank"

If you are talking to me, I'm an Aussie, I wouldn't be calling anyone ignorant.

DaTruth3364d ago

If it took place in the Vatican, I don't think I want to play this game. The type of crime going on in there, ain't gonna be nothin' fun about that!

Pr0ject-Cha0s3363d ago

i wish they did one in mexico i mean cmon my familys hometown cd. juarez is ranked 2nd in the world as the most dangerous city do to drug trafficking and drug wars

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bageara3364d ago

main characters voice, Ray Winston FTW!

Hellsvacancy3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

Nah this guy should do the voice total badass

Would recommend Football Factory 2 any1

DJDunk3364d ago

Danny Dyer ? - he already does the voice of Kent Paul in Vice City.

Hellsvacancy3364d ago

Nah not Danny Dyer, Frank Harper

Feral Gamer3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

I want a GTA in Italy with the Italian mob. There is some sort of mob war going on now and some guy was assassinated on camera in Sicily. It's been on the news.

Rockstar should just do a mafia game. Without all the other crap that goes into GTA. The formula is getting old.

Snoozer2823364d ago

Yeah, I'd love to see an Italian GTA. The little streets are far too inviting, plus the melodrama of Italians is ripe for the taking.

Though, being Italian I am biased.

DaTruth3364d ago

Not much variety there. Anyway, Italians already starred in like three GTA's.

And it won't be anywhere that's not primarily English!

Blaster_Master3364d ago

Do you guys remember the feel of Midnight Club 2? They know how to do a European setting. Cant wait to play GTA5, The Agent, and Getaway exclusively on my ps3.