Tera: The Exiled Realms of Arborea: New screens and gameplay vids

Some brand new Stuff from the upcoming Unreal Engine 3 mmorpg Tera: The Exiled Realms of Arborea.

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Nihilism3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

just what we needed, more subscription based gaming...

Here's $50 for the game, and another $20 for the sub, and another $20 etc etc, "i'm sorry your subscription has run out", "but i've given you $150....". "it will cost another $20 as well as a $10 account recovery fee, have a nice day"

YIPPEE FOR MMO'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I agree

There are a lot of cool looking MMO's, and I love games of course...but i'm also not crazy......hmm would i like to buy 3 games, for the sake of this example i'll say, dragon age, mass effect 2 and starcraft 2, and keep them for all time....or have 6 months on a game where at the end I have nothing to show for it.

It is truly sad that I will miss out on the old republic...but the a-holes sold us out when they made it instead of kotor it's not gonna happen.

Obviously WOW was a good decision for blizzard, but we loyal followers just wanted wc4.

I would be very impressed with blizzard if they made wc4 with the starcraft 2 engine, it would make perfect sense, fingers crossed they have 'secret announcement' up their sleeves...and this time not another WOW expansion announcement :S

Bereaver3276d ago

I agree, Tera, is a BEAUTIFUL GAME! But.... People that look at games in our point of view, understands that the monthly fee isn't just about updates, it's about putting extra money in their pockets.

Sorry Tera.... *sniff* I'll miss you lol.

toaster3276d ago

That game looks mighty good. Too bad I have other commitments. I'm already playing D&D Online and that's pretty good, plus no subscription fee.

If I'm going to invest in an MMO then I would definitely have to say Guild Wars 2 gets my money. I've played WoW and kinda didn't have enough commitment to play and the monthly fee doesn't help. Why pay for something you're just going to play for a week or a week and a half per month while still paying for the full month.
Personally I think the GW games have better PvP than most MMORPG's

Hopefully GW2 will be like the previous ones and have no fee.

Pekka3276d ago

Servers and updates cost a lot of money. If MMO wouldn't have subscription, they would some other way to get money from players. Then you would have pay for every extra content (for example special sword would cost you money). If there can't get money from players constantly, servers are going to be shut down very quickly. Even if there were 10 million buyers for game, MMO servers couldn't last much more than 1 year without either microtransactions or subscription fee because server costs are going to be too high.

And GW is not even a real MMO so don't compare to it. And even they have needed to release several expansion packs to get enough money to keep servers on.

led10903276d ago

This is easily one of the most anticipated MMO's in Asia. The graphics are on par with most games out there and from the videos the gameplay looks amazing

Tewi-Inaba3276d ago

you can tell it's one of those MMOs where you can play it with one hand and will have to spend half of your day to gain levels.

Midgard2283276d ago

this and blade and soul will make me stop paying for Aion lol