Big Download Interview: Unknown Worlds chats about first Natural Selection 2 screenshots

Big Download:

Developer Unknown Worlds has been working for some time on Natural Selection 2, their upcoming sci-fi shooter with RTS elements. For those not familiar with the game the first version (Natural Selection 1) began as a Half-Life 1 mod (it celebrates the seventh anniversary of its release on Halloween). Natural Selection 2 turned into a stand alone commercial game using the Source engine developed by Valve for Half-Life 2. Over a year ago the company announced it ditching the Source engine and creating their own in-house graphics engine for their game. After showing off some concept art, character art renders and animation movies over the past several months, today the developer has finally released the first two in-game screenshots from Natural Selection 2.

Big Download decided to chat with Unknown Worlds' founder Charlie Cleveland again for the occasion as he describes what the screenshots show off as well as other aspects of the game including world that they plan to release the game's level editor in November to folks who pre-order the game.

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