Iwata Mentions Next Gen Hardware It looks like Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has managed to make a mention, in some capacity, about Nintendo's next generation console to follow Wii.

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SpoonyRedMage3275d ago

I'm more interested in this promised promotion of Dragon Quest IX in the west. I want to know how they're going to go about it.

I think there's plenty of other games that they could do with helping too.

ia_studio3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

If it has the name "wii 2" or "wii hd", they will rule ingest every corner of the earth guess how many users will want to update their console when a next wii comes out, sony and M$ will get screwed even if the wii2 is less powerful than the ps3. though I wish nintendo gets back to the hardcore gamers.

Xgamerzus3274d ago

The Wii fans wont be happy about upgrading ,because ,Wii Sisies, "dont care bout graphics!!!"
"Why should wii have to upgrade???"
I dont care about graphics its fun thats all that matters,

IF it's so fun then go trade your Wii for a SNES or game cube!!!
Ill gladly take it off your hands and sell it for a PS3!!LMAO
Thank you Nintendo for
De-evolution of the gaming industry!!!!

Makes me mad they talk about a new console yet the graphics are Sh!t,
whats the point of upgrading, the Game cube could of done most all the crap the Wii cheap games could do!!!same with Xbox 1...
what a joke !!!!

dib8rman3274d ago

I wonder what happened to Natal =/

asdr3wsfas3274d ago

"IF it's so fun then go trade your Wii for a SNES or game cube!!!"

1. wii plays gamecube moron, quit trolling the section
2. we own SNES or have played all SNES games we wanted
3. wii plays the best snes games
4. emulators

"the Game cube could of done most all the crap the Wii cheap games could do!!!same with Xbox 1..."

1. wii is 2x speed of gamecube
2. wii is faster than xbox unless you're some moron who looks at mhz only cause you don't know about comp sci
3. gamecube has the 6th gen poly count record in Star Wars: Rogue Squadron at 20 mil no slowdown and so even GC beats xbox

kunit22c3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Xgamerzus, Going by your logic they shouldn't even make a new console, just have the Wii forever, and I hope we could all agree that would practically be the end of Nintendo and I hope we are all smart enough to know thats not going to happen. Now Next gen Nintendo trying to go for the casual again I agree would be a pretty big mistake, they aren't going to go buy a new system, they're happy with the Wii. BUT if the call it Wii(2 or HD or whatever) but have an upgraded online experience, HD graphics, Maybe Blueray? Backwards compatable? can use old remotes and/or new remotes specific to the new system also a standard controller, that would not only appeal to the hardcore but some of the old casual Wii owners too. that would be the smartest way to go, it would be better than making a completely new system. also your like having an anti wii/nintendo fanboy spaz attack, you need to take some fanboy pills

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RedPawn3275d ago

bring Nintendo up to speed, you know your ideas work, so make that new system happen captain. STOP wasting time making 100 iterations of the DS, the games are good enough.

Yes Dragon Quest IX will be welcomed.

MajestieBeast3275d ago

New wii now with even more soccer mom appeal and shovelware.

ChickeyCantor3275d ago

So thats what you do with your life?

Knghtz3274d ago

Haha Sidar, true that! +Bubble

champ213275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

if nintendo manage to put out a new console mid gen.

it should be rather easy achiving 1080p @60fps game play with all the latest titles.

with the kind of gpus out now. even the using the term obselete for the gpu on ps3 or 360 is an understatement.

lol even if nintendo on purpose tried to make a weak system it would still outperform xbox 360 or ps3 multiple times.

now might be a chance for nintendo to launch a new console and win back all the thirdparty support.

would be funny to see all new games made with wii hd as the best console version. pc being the best ofcourse.

@ the disagrees.. i know its hard accepting a wii to be the most powerful console, a little research will show you the kind of gpus available out now for nintendo to select from. A little hint even a G80 which appeared on the pc about 3years ago outperforms the ps3 or the 360 by 200%. now imagine if nintendo were to use something a little more recent.

RedPawn3275d ago

Who cares honestly? Go ahead and make it OH great wizard of all the gaming world.

t8503275d ago

if this does go through anyone wanting to game at true 1080 on a console will care.

RedPawn3275d ago

You all make the Wii sound injured because it doesn't have games like Uncharted 2 or Mass Effect, the possibilities would be great. I say who cares cause Nintendo will have a new plan no doubt.

The part with "Win back all 3rd party games" is the most idiotic stuff people say when they think that all those games belong on 1 system.

I luv all my systems equally why? cause I actually know when it's time to leave loserville AKA N4G, and be what over 90% of you aren't, Gamers.

champ213275d ago


if you are gonna quote me atleast learn to copy and paste properly.

I never said "win back all 3rd party games"

i said "win back all the third party support"

its a fact nintendo has lost support from all third parties ever since wii was released primarily due to its inability to play those games.

hopefully if a wii hd does come out third party titles will see a return to it.

RedPawn3275d ago

How is having lost ALL support for the WII a fact w/ games like Muramasa, No More Heroes, Fragile, Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Silent Hill Origins, Arc Rise Fantasia, Dragon Quest IX, and many more a FACT.

I wanna see Nintendo Do way better than sales talk no doubt, but come on your comment, like most wreaked of bitterness for no reason.

Copy and paste my foot, your comment looked snarky and I know what you typed.

Support is support if you have others to fall back on.

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labwarrior3275d ago

Let's hope so

BTW they COULD use 5 yo hardware again, bringing Wii 2 again far behind PS3 and 360, so let's see

t8503275d ago

10x the price on a pc?

thats an ignorant comment.

costs about 500-600usd to get a gaming pc these days.

n4gn4gn4gn4g3275d ago

What he was saying was the hardware in the Wii at launch was OLD PC hardware that at the time you'd pick up for $30...while an overstatement it isn't THAT far from the truth.


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