Nintendo Wii Competitors: Not Just PS3 Or Xbox 360?

You might think that the main competition for Wii is Sony's PS3 or Microsoft's Xbox 360. But according to Reggie Fils-Aime, president and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America, you would be wrong.

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candystop4583d ago

Whatever Reggie! I think MS and Sony did the right thing as far as trying to push technology forward instead of keeping us years behind the PC market! Nintendo pretty much turned there backs on the fanbase that made them in favor of picking up new customers that never supported them which is sad! Sure it's great to pick up new customers but to simply repackage a gamecube and call it something else and raise the price is a flat out low blow!

scarlett_rg4583d ago

Flying cars are available now-a-days too. But do you see anyone making/buying them? No.

People aren't ready for flying cars. Just like many people aren't ready for HD gaming.

People like driving their non-flying cars (technology that's been around for ages). Similarly, people like playing with their Wiis. Accept it.

eclipsegryph4583d ago

I don't know if I dig the flying car analogy, but I'm right there with you, Scarlett, on your intent.

scarlett_rg4582d ago

Ya, it's a bit of an extreme analogy... but at least one person gets the point I was trying to make about the average consumer.

Close_Second4583d ago

...who didn't think they were done and dusted before the Wii was released and look at what they have done. They have used simplicity and innovation to keep gaming fun and relevant. They have achieved the "Tetris" of the hardware world.

You have to think about what's next for Wii....Wii-HD anyone?

DADO4583d ago

will be done by the end of 2009 because it will be outdated and people are going to switch to HD.

AcidRhain4582d ago

I'm HD and components work great on my wii. People will still have friends and we will still be playing our Wii together. The people that are against the Wii have no friends. :-(

SomeAnalyst4582d ago

the Wii is outselling the PS3 by more than 5:1 there.
So estimates of North American HDTV penetration reaching 55% in 2010 may not have a huge effect on console sales trends.

bootsielon4583d ago

So the next Wii will be another generation behind? I refuse to get into that. I dig technology, and I felt like Nintendo turned its back on me after dropping technology completely. I've been buying their consoles and handhelds (except the Virtual boy) for plenty of years.

I am gonna get a DS because it's not deviating from the norm, it's definitely a huge step above the Gameboy Advance in terms of EVERYTHING. The Wii, on the other hand, is only one step away from the gamecube in terms of input method, and that's pretty much it.

What I love about next-gen consoles, is that they're new in almost every way, and they're subsidized to compete for marketshare. Since I'm not nintendo's market anymore, I'm gonna wait a long time till I get a Wii.

ITR4582d ago

Read what you write, please.

The DS was a big deviation from normal gaming. Most thought it would never take off and would get ruled by the PSP, but now it's sold 44 million...and the PSP is over 20 million behind.

Robotz Rule4583d ago (Edited 4583d ago )

They simply failed to enter the next-generation of gaming.

While Sony and Microsoft are working their a$$es off,Nintendo is sitting back,lighting a blunt,and stakin' tha benjamins!!!!!!:)


But!just because it's less powerful doesn't mean it's less fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.