The A.V Club: Borderlands Review

The A.V. Club writes: "Finally, a videogame with the balls to depict the generic post-apocalyptic wasteland as it really will be: utterly boring and lifeless. Borderlands takes place on Pandora, an Arizona-like planet where the bleakness is offset by its cel-shaded-esque appearance. Though Pandora is mostly deserted, bandits, mercenaries, and other hired guns troll its surface in search of the Vault, an intergalactic piggybank filled with untold riches and awesome technology that a supposedly advanced species had the foresight to abandon for the sake of plot. If this all sounds like a lazy rehash of last year's revolutionary Fallout 3, hang on: Borderlands cribs further by having you navigate through the game from a first-perspective perspective and leveling up your stats in a shooter. Hell, you'll even see a humming robot and a bobblehead in the first 30 minutes."

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