Prey TeamXbox Review

Here is a review of the new Prey for the Xbox 360.

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Cyclonus5797d ago

It got an 8.3

IGN gave it a 9.0

PS360PCROCKS5797d ago

Hmm it's only 6 hours, that sucks, I beat the demo in about 15 minutes. Maybe I will instead rent this game...

ACE5797d ago

another game i will be adding to my collection of 360 games of 12 games roll on lord of the rings battle for middle earth ,,,, summer is all coverd for me .....nice!!

Gamer135797d ago

The only thing wrong with this game is - the single player is only 6hrs.

FreeMonk5797d ago

Definatly a rental for me.

I like the demo, but never loved it. Too much like Quake and Doom. Graphics are ok, but not brillant.

I do love the Reaper song though when you get abducted. I love that song, and an excellent place to put it!

Zaskark55797d ago

I have a feeling fear is going to take advantage of the Xbox 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.