PS3 Gets Live HDTV Recording

YourEMGN Writes: "Playstation 3 owners from Australia will be able to record HDTV from later this month as Sony continues to make the PS3 the ultimate in entertainment. Sony will also lunch a downloads store to directly download the latest movies, Tv shows etc. straight onto your PS3 within the first quarter of next year."

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Madusha3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

Awesome! Hope it's available in New Zealand :D I was hoping for something less than a big box but this will do finely. $170, worth it?

Battlefield3364d ago

$170 shuld be well worth HD TV recording. However, it's not something I will need.

Close_Second3364d ago

...however, Sony NZ seem to be of the mind that if there's nothing in it for them then its not worth getting into.

Its why we still don't have the free music video channel on PSN.

X_iGame_X3364d ago

Lol @ idiot reporting it as dupe, ur story got submitted 2 mins after this from that cheap website.

Looks awesome but $170 looks like too much.

nightelfmohawk3363d ago

It's $170 Australian dollars, which is about $127 U.S. dollars at the moment. That's assuming you live somewhere that uses dollars and not Australia, otherwise ignore my post lol.

jhooty143364d ago

iknow some people willl be all over this

Madusha3364d ago

Yeah of course. A lotta PS3 owners will be interested.

Blasphemy3364d ago

If this comes to the USA I can get rid of my DVR and save some money.

Lumbo3364d ago

Only problem with that idea is, that its a DVBT Receiver. So it only receives OverAir broadcasts. It can NOT receive cable or satellite signals. And the US currently has about 0.000000000001% coverage of overair digital signals.

So you CAN buy the box, but lacking any channels to record i fail to see the value for the US-American market, especially as the digital overair transmit plan has been put on the backburner now because of the financial crisis.

tripewire3364d ago

Been waiting for this for ages.

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The story is too old to be commented.