No Dpad - Garters & Ghouls Review: Zombies are so hot right now. Zombies.

No Dpad:

Halloween is just around the corner, meaning fun times for guys and ghouls of all ages. And while the kiddies have narrowed their focus to candy, the thing most on the minds of guys this time of year is hot undead chicks. Everyone wants a corpse bride of their very own, and to experience the sort of undying love that fairytales are made of. Namco has obviously had one ear to the ground - or maybe they've just been listening from deep within the ground, in their graves - and have reanimated one hot dead-butante just in time for the spookiest of days.

Garters & Ghouls clawed its way out of the earth and into the App Store last evening, the latest in a long run of Halloween-themed releases. And while the App Store is now rife with zombie shooters, it's definitely been lacking in sexy zombies. Garters & Ghouls makes up for this by introducing zombie-protagonist Marie Dupois, raised from the dead - in her garters! - by a man of immediately questionable intentions to combat an evil known as the Thrum. Playing as Marie, you are tasked to destroy the portals in each of 25 levels through which the Thrum are summoning zombies, werewolves and other supernatural denizens into the world.

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