Touch Arcade Review - '33rd Division': A Solid WWII-Era Line-Draw Strategy Game

Touch Arcade:

Set in World War II, 33rd Division offers gameplay across four different European battlefields. The goal is to guide soldiers, medics and sergeants entering the battlefield to each of their designated destinations without being seen (shot and killed). This is done by drawing a course across the battlefield (Flight Control style) in and among obstacles and roving patrols.

33rd divSounds just like all the other line-draw games, right? Well, 33rd Division has some interesting variations up its sleeve. The aforementioned roving patrols have a limited field of vision, indicated by a highlighted sight cone that moves as they turn about the battlefield. As long as you stay out of their sight area, you're fine, but enter that cone and, well, let's just call it the cone of death. What's more, if you're trapped and about to be seen, you can lie down, rendering you invisible…unless the patrols walk right up to you, in which case they render you full of lead.

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