Physics-Based 'SpringFling' Bounces into the App Store

Touch Arcade:

One of the first must-have iPhone games to appear in the App Store was PapiJump. Not long after, Doodle Jump took the simple, accelerometer-controlled concept of ascending a wall of platforms to the next level. Since then, many other takes on this addictive play mechanic have appeared in the App Store, the vast majority of which are really not worth your time. Happily for fans of these games, another such title has just appeared in the App Store, and this one brings a twist.

GTProduction's Spring Fling is a jump-up-the-platform-wall game where you take on the role of a spring. Being a spring, it's not just a matter of tap to jump straight upward - you can compress the string and set the angle of your jump by way of a tap and drag mechanic. And the integrated PhysX engine makes the experience rather convincing. Choose an angle to shallow or severe and it's a platform miss with a plummet to your end.

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