Top-down view in Dragon Age on consoles would require sacrifices - in Polish and English

Polygamia talks to Dragon Age online producer Fernando Melo about whether DLC was cut from the main game, about differences between PC and console versions, the new social site and plans for the future.

English version is in the right-hand column.

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Ausir3276d ago

To all people who are reporting it as untranslated, look again. The English version is in the right-hand column.

frostypants3276d ago

I'll be playing this one on my PC instead of my PS3, if only to save $10. That said I'm a bit surprised that they couldn't find a workaround to provide the top-down view on consoles. Still, all versions look decent. I'm definitely more psyched for this game than I was just weeks ago.

Ausir3276d ago

Another reason to buy the PC version is the fact that the game is bound to have an active modding community.