Ubisoft Confirm Metal Gear / Assassin's Creed 2 Potential writes, "At the GameON: Finance conference in Toronto, had the opportunity to speak with Ubisoft Montreal CEO, Yannis Mallat. Mallat's studio is behind the development of the Assassin's Creed series, and many may remember the Assassin's Creed bonus in Metal Gear Solid 4, Snake adorning Altair's outfit.

Speaking with Mallat, we asked if Kojima Productions will have any easter eggs in upcoming Ubisoft games. Here's how it went."

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mephman4775d ago

Maybe Ezio will get to use the Solid Eye? xD

No FanS Land4775d ago

As a replacement of the eagle vision. :D

K__L__U__T__C__H4775d ago

I wish Ubisoft would just confirm a new damn Rainbow Six game already.

sikbeta4775d ago

"Maybe Ezio will get to use the Solid Eye? xD"

No, he'll use the MK-II XD

vhero4774d ago

Or maybe snake will be a downloadable character for ps3 version after launch?

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I am Legend4775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

Real Cooooool.

soul899er4775d ago

The closest the bots will get to MGS4 :D

chrisulloa4775d ago

No, that's probably going to be MGSR except without the 10 hour cutscenes

swiftshot934775d ago

Its actually more upwards of 15 hours of cutscenes, still an amazing game though.

Saaking4775d ago

MGSR is metal gear solid in NAME ONLY. It shouldn't even have solid in the title.

ReviewsArePolitics4775d ago

Obviously an X-tard with no high school education will never appreciate the high quality put in games like MGS4.

soul899er4775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

lol u serious Saaking? You are right, it shouldn't have Solid, it's a freaking spin-off xD

EDIT: ^^^^^^ LMAO! almost there except bots are still in elementary school :D

Foliage4775d ago

Except Raiden has hardly nothing to do with MGS. No Solid Snake = No MGS

Seriously, anyone who has played the MG series knows Raiden was the sore spot.

And we all know you can't fit that many cutscenes on an old fashion DVD, it goes without saying. Core features are already cut from these games for the 360, you can't have the perks.

chrisulloa4775d ago (Edited 4775d ago )

Lol high school diplomas, you're probably 12 years old.

ssipmraw4775d ago

don't worry im sure Santa Claus will hopefully get you a ps3 this christmas, or hopefully not

Mr Face Creamer4775d ago

Santa Clause might be able to get gifts for billions of kids, but come on!

Even Santa isn't stupid enough to buy a TrashStation 3, the PervStation Network will turn our kids into the likes of Saaking and soul899er!

Plus, did you really think he's willing to spend 600$ on a console?

chrisulloa4774d ago

I'll pass on the PS3 for now, until it gets some more games (And when I say more, I mean more than 1) worth buying.

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