Dissidia 2 Hanging In The Balance

Dissidia: Final Fantasy has now been out for a few months in the West, but its sales figures are actually quite low in comparison to those from Japan, and even lower when compared to that of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII's.

While this might not seem like a big deal on the surface, it may actually prohibit the release of any kind of sequel, as Square Enix stated that a sequel would be based on its Western sales.

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Kyll3276d ago

I got my copy!! I pray Dissidia 2 hits the PS3 too, that would be the sh*t

mephman3276d ago

I think it's probably more likely a sequel will be on the PSP again.

Reibooi3276d ago

Considering the sales I would have to agree that if a sequel does happen it will more then likely be on PSP or maybe PSP2 if they wait awhile before they actually make it which may be possible considering all the stuff SE is working on(Birth by sleep, Agito XIII, 3rd Birthday)

I would have to say though that a PS3 game would be so insanely awesome.

ShawnCollier3276d ago

I wonder how much Universal Tuning had to do w/ this.

BigPete79783276d ago

I'm still waiting for my copy on the PSPgo. Maybe if they made it available on the PSN they would have some more sales.

Neo Nugget3276d ago

Maybe they should get around to releasing it on the PSN. Just a thought.

ZombieAutopsy3276d ago

Sales would be better if 75% of psp owners didnt have Custom Firmware, everyone i have ever met with a psp has had it I even put it on mine a few weeks before i sold it.

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The story is too old to be commented.