I Would Pay $100 for Xbox LIVE - Generation X Episode #17

-New Bioshock 2 Multiplayer Mode Announced
-Roundtable On Forza Motorsport 3
-What Game Made You Become A Gamer?
-Datel To Fight Microsoft
-Thoughts On $100 Xbox LIVE
-Bitchin' Gamers

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reintype3276d ago

I don't know haw MS does it, but damn their brainwashing/programming techniques seems to work real fast.

Biggunz3276d ago

was it Nick McMoron?....why yes it was.

54percent3276d ago

Let me rewrite an appropriate title:

"I have my head in my butt I Would Pay $100 for Xbox LIVE"

Razzy3275d ago

Damn...Micro$haft has really done a wonderful job programming the bots. Is there some kinda mind control device inside the 360? Maybe it's the RROD? Hmmmmm...

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Megaton3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

"I Would Pay $100 for Xbox LIVE"

Then you're a colossal sucker, and deserve to have your money taken in such a manner.

Genesis53276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

It's his money he can spend it on whatever he wants. Myself I rather spend it on a couple of games.

blitz06233276d ago

Not me... if this happened there wouldn't be anything new to tryout anyway. PS3 has most of the good games coming out. oh and btw, those good games are free of charge online

Sarcasm3276d ago

I really hope Microsoft does increase the price of Live. It's going to be a field day of Spins on N4G.

Real Gambler3276d ago

Ooops, he likely did already!

Anon19743276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Originally I had a couple of free months of XBL and once that ran out Microsoft automatically started charging me the monthly default rate, $8.99 cdn/month. I thought nothing of it until, on the forums, I heard someone mention that XBL was only $60/year after two years of paying the monthly rate.
As it turned out, though, I had already started to game on my PS3 online, didn't notice any real difference so when my 3rd Xbox 360 failed on me and went into the shop I cancelled my XBL and have never looked back.

Anyone know if Microsoft still charges $8.99 to play monthly?

SL1M DADDY3276d ago

You sir are very right but the underlying truth here is that his comment is proof that even idiots have money to spend. Only an idiot would write an article stating that they would be willing to pay more for nothing more than what they are paying for already. It is the epitome of idiocy.

Chubear3276d ago

Everybody that's a Gold Subscriber now and saying they wouldn't pay 100bucks is just lying through their teeth cause they don't want to come off as stupid on these forums.

If you pay even $10 and justify it cause of essentially social networking features then you'll likely pay $100 if more social networking features are included. All MS would have to do is add another social networking feature and trailers of Halo Reach and you'll see Live members even willing to pay more than 100bucks. MS knows their base every well. They've had them for nearly a decade.

I'm sorry but I don't go online to chat when I want to game. I go online to game. That's the main purpose of "gaming online" not chatting. But the different bases have their priorities and each company caters to them appropriately.

nbsmatambo3276d ago

But i would NOT pay a $100 for a service that is only marginally better than a free PSN

presto7173276d ago

When I asked if he'd shell out 100 bucks for it, he said he would. When I asked him why it was so much better than what you find on other platforms, he mentioned something about facebook and twitter and servers. I just cracked up.

Bnet3433276d ago

I love Xbox Live, but I would never succumb to saying what the headline reads. How sad.

3276d ago
memots3276d ago

I was hesitant a year ago to buy the one year subscription it cost me 70$ tx inc . I played my share of halo and a bit of Gow.

Then i didn't play on live for about 7 month. I barely played my 360 at all. There is no value what so ever that would make me pay $100 for this service that should be included with the initial price of the console.
The whole gold thing is to be able to play with friends pretty much everything else that Gold account give you is useless. So since there is nothing i want to play on xblive i had to cancel my renewal when i notice they charge my credit card $70 again and got that email (Confirmation of renewal of Xbox Live 12 mo. Gold Membership‏)

HELL NO!!! SHOW me some value Ms or some games that i might want to play online then maybe ill pay.

JD_Shadow3276d ago

They better have a DAMN good reason for me to want to pay that much for something that has become even BETTER on the PSN.

ultimolu3276d ago

Well, they're willing to pay $50.00 so...

jadenkorri3276d ago

2 things will either happen, 1, the 360 fanboys will accept a 100 dollar charge and write even more articles why 100 is worth it, or 2, they will piss off and get a ps3... Personally i think if MS does this, its gonna be one of those bad business decisions a company could ever make, prob higher than the mistake Nintendo did giving up on Sony's cd adapter then sony going off to create playstation brand.

xoxideu3276d ago

Already an article like this huh?

Lube up, m$ going deep this time.

HolyOrangeCows3276d ago

It's HipHopGamerShow's ugly cousin.

BLuKhaos3276d ago

If he wants to pay $100 for live then he can pay for me when I get a 360.

HolyOrangeCows3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Reality Check:
Xbox LIVE costs $50 for an unsure year.
$20 for a mere 3 months.
Or $10 for a month. (And possibly SLIGHTLY cheaper if bought on LIVE)

11 360s and counting3275d ago

Why are any of you saying you would pay anything for xbox live? That is not normal. M$ is the only greedy ass company that makes you pay to play online(not to mention EVERYTHING else associated with the heater). You literally have half assed social networking that you pay for when the PS3 and PC have a friggin browser for free. You are all idiots! Just wake the hell up already.

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NotoriousWarrior3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

"I would love to be ripped off by M$ cos..."

(well i donno what these people think so i don't know what to enter there)

jessupj3275d ago

I'd love to know how many people would actually continue to pay for a gold membership if you could game online with a free silver membership.... seeing as I hear all the time how awesome the features are.

kaveti66163276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

The XBL community is largely based on shooters, and fortunately there are ALWAYS at nearly ALL times, a lot of people playing a game like Halo 3 online. According to some people on this site, the same cannot be said for games like Killzone 2 on the PS3. Although I hope very much that this is not true, that there are plenty of people playing shooter games on PS3, I can't really find out for myself yet because I haven't purchased KZ2. And I'm afraid to buy it now just in case those 360 fboys are right.

And if they are right, then maybe 50 bucks a year is worth it to play against people online at any time of the day. The Halo 3 community is so large, you will rarely ever be matched against the same random person twice.

RedPawn3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Do not, and I mean do not play only one game online, feel KZ2 for yourself when the time is right, regardless of how many people are on.

If XBLA went to $100, I really couldn't express my disappointment.

Troll_Police3276d ago

Those Xbox fanboys are lying as usual. Killzone 2 has plenty of people playing it. Are you kidding me?

Natsu893276d ago

i think because they pay for XBL they are kind of forced to play
I mean it's like wasting money when not playing, but it's a waste anyway paying for such a service u usually get free.
PS3 gamer have a lot more freedom, they are playing different games all the time, i rarely see people playing something more than a week!

ABizzel13276d ago


It's a complete lie, all PS3 gamers are different though. They stick with that one game that hooks them, and they'll buy other games once their completely finish with it.

Take Warhawk for an example, it came out spring 2007 and it still has a strong community going even I get on it from time to time. Killzone 2 has a community as well, maybe not as big as it was on launch, but it's still there. As of now Uncharted 2 has a huge online following. So PS3 games have that same experience as the 360, I mean Resistance: FOM had a huge following, until they stopped the servers (At least they weren't working when I tried a few months ago).

The difference between XBL and PSN is that XBL a couple of features that PSN doesn't. The other advantages like Facebook and Twitter aren't advantages at all, because you can get on them through the PS3's web browser and get the full experience. One other thing is that the majority of XBL players have mics which is a blessing and a curse at the same time since you can actually work together as a team, but at the same time you have to deal with all the people talking shigady. Where as, PSN has less people with mics so not so much talking at all.

jadenkorri3275d ago

logged in, checked killzone 2 muliti...omg look at that people are online playing... wow i guess people really play online with the ps3, even In killzone 2....sticking in COD4 cause just for the hell of it.....omg people playing even that one.

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