Wii Final Fantasy Gets Big Advertising There's a Final Fantasy game taking up prime advertising space in central Tokyo right now. Surprisingly, it's not Final Fantasy XIII!

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SpoonyRedMage3274d ago

Awesome, Square Enix seem really confident in it and Kawazu's comment about it being no easy feat on the Wii looks like he meant they're trying harder.

I can't wait for this game!

mastiffchild3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

Right there with you. Looks like being a really big hitter on the Wii in terms of all round quality and, gopefully, a return to excellence on home consoles from SE.

Also, it's not like they haven't had the time to make it good now is it? I know there's been wholesale changes all the way through but development has relly dragged on this so lets hope it's really as good as it's looking from the bits we know about. Very interested to see just how it plays for myself-we did get a western release date for the end of Nov didn't we? I hope I'm not imagining that!

SpoonyRedMage3274d ago

You were imagining it unfortunately. US date is boxing day(crazy release date) and the EU date is February(Amazon has it as the 26th). Still a short localisation in comparison to other games.

I think the ideas from the original concept for Crystal Bearers went into Ring of Fates and Echoes of Time which might be why it's taken so long, they've developed at least four games since Crystal Bearers' announcement.

ZeroBlitz3274d ago

Can't see why the article writer is surprised. This looks like the first big FF on a Nintendo console that's worthy of the title since VI on the SNES. Still looks to be going in a different direction but also appears to have the high production values and deep story expected of a mainstream FF.

Plus the Wii is still pretty popular so the game may even sell as much as FFXIII in Japan.

Dissidia is tons of fun and very addictive so I still hold out hope that Square-Enix can pull off great games in their big franchises (mainly FF and KH). Even if they mess everything else up.

Redempteur3274d ago

Forgot cristal chronicles ?

That was an awesome game .. especially with friends ... (unrivaled on many aspects to this day ...a true gem )

SpoonyRedMage3274d ago

Yer, Redempteur, there's a massive hatedom for Crystal Chronicles so most people wouldn't mention it... if the game did one thing right though it was production values, it was definitely SE's best looking game last gen.

Actually, now that they've finished Crystal Bearers I wouldn't mind a Wii exclusive multiplayer focused game, although I also want a "My Life as a..." DSiware game and a sequel to FFIX...

Redempteur3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

The hatedom for the FIRST cristal chronicles came for those who did not try ...

sure it's hard to have what needed to play but it's no different from buying periphericals in games like Rock band ... and it that case they were usefull as their own too ( gba ) or for other games ( link cable ).

My life as a king was great ... too bad they decided to rip off gamers with dlc ... but it's pleasant at least .

Did not try yet " my life as a darklord ..."

Taht's also why i enjoy the chronicles series SE did put some effort ... ( using a ds engine on wii is not putting some effort by the way )

Cristal bearers seems very good ...can't wait ...

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EvilTwin3274d ago

More and more, this looks like a first-day purchase for me. Between this and Tri, the wait for the next LoZ will be tolerable.

Hopefully it sells decently. Established IPs that aren't completely gimped have done alright on Wii (COD and RE). A big marketing push for a true AAA-title is certainly warranted. And Square has had the time to polish this thing up to be GOTY-caliber.