Analysts Further Speculate On PS3 Protection

A new report by the Los Angeles Times features further speculation by analysts concerning the October 2000-filed patent by Sony that could conceivably prevent rented, pre-owned, or borrowed games from being played on the PlayStation 3.

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mikeeno75797d ago

I don't care what analysts say. They said a PS3 could cost $800! They talk @ss and eat crap!

mikeeno75797d ago

I could only imagine Sony's briefings during development of their new beloved console...
-Right, we're gonna say we launch in spring, when we know we're manufacturing in August.
-We're going to throw in a cheap motion-sensor gimmick to imitate the Wiimote. That will make us be really original and everyone will bow down to the empire of Sony!
-Yeah! Let's bash 360 launch games and then launch with Warhawk and Formula One. Lol...
-Yeah! We'll charge extra for PS3 because EVERYONE wants the Blu-Ray! It will store trillions and trillions and trillions of storage which will be needed for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
-Let's bash the manufacturing process of 360, then fuk it up ourselves!
-Don't forget guys, we need an original online service. So basically just copy Microsoft and Ninty.
-Then to access our inferior services, we cheaply copy the Xbox 360 Guide button, only make it a little watered down, with no lights or anything to save us that little extra cash.
-We'll bash the dual-SKU 360 packages, then release even more confusing SKU duals.
-We don't want worldwide launches, but what the hell, we have an 80 Billion loan so what have we got to lose?
-Finally, we'll stamp a little Ken shrine on each PS3, so every dedicated owner will be able to remember daily ' what a tit '.


whoa, where did you get this secret internal sony memo?

they are going to be pissed you revealed all their secrets!

achira5797d ago

#2. can it be that you are envy ??? yes it can be. the 500 bucks ps3 was the right step. because not all people will have a hdmi tv. but the core version of the xbox360 is pure sh!t. it has no hd, and is because of this worthless. you know the ps3 is worth the money and it is far better than the xbox360. period. ps3 launch titles > xbox360 second gen games. hahahaa


ps3 launch titles > N64 second gen games. hahahaa

PS3sux360inchWiiWii5797d ago

and also coming to 360, thus justifying why I won't even invest in PS3!

and I've s#!t better looking turds than over half the PS3 games displayed in my Game Informer I just got...

and if the 360 core version was so horribly bad why does Sony feel the need to do one? must be because they realize it has purpose!
Only difference is 360 can be fully upgraded to the Premium where as the $500 PS3 you are stuck with that specific unit. With no memory card slots, no hdmi thus making the blu-ray obsolete, etc.. that would put the saying of $500 down the drain in the FACT category!

mikeeno75796d ago

Achira, the core version may not have a HD, but this is the whole Microsoft Point. The philosophy of 'upgradeable'. Read about it. Then look at the PS3 core you get with a severe lack of essential features...

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