Next Prince of Persia To Be Announced In Spring

GCO: "When the newly revamped Prince of Persia released, it easily began one of most impressive games this current generation. However, it left many of us wanting more. With that said, recent speculation has pointed to a sequel. And, with the trademarking for "Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands", speculations has been raising, even more."

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Feral Gamer3273d ago

Well I hope you can actually die in this one. I thought it was so fake the way you kept on getting rescued and avoided death in the last game. I did enjoy the artistic style, though.

sunil3273d ago

dieing is one thing... i do hope they make it longer and less repetitive... from the looks of things... (Leap from AC1 to AC2) its gonna be good

WildArmed3273d ago

i hope its like the ps2 prince of persia.
coz the ps3/360 versions sucked compared to last gen Prince.
Now he was truly bad-ass.

Lucreto3273d ago

I loved the last one and I look forward to it. If they make the improvements like in Assassins Creed 2 is will be excellent.

The new prince gives in a second dose of Nathan Drake next year.

Solans Scott3273d ago

My favorite P.O.P game has to be Sands of Time. It will always be a classic.

Arsenic133273d ago

Wasnt it like just announced now?...

Towers763273d ago

I'm glad someone else noticed that. I'm guessing the new trend in gaming is announcing when you'll be making announcements.

WildArmed3273d ago

lol basically it's an anouncement about the annoucement of the details of the new prince of persia =/