What To Look For In November

Revuzi Writes: "An entire year has gone by, and video games have been released left, right and center through out it, but November is jam-packed with AAA titles hitting stores every week, each capable of being Game of the Year. Here is a list of what gamers will be lining outside of stores for during the month of November..."

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Myst3271d ago

I want Dragon Age Origins, but I must finish paying off my college fees which suck. Otherwise that would probably be the only game I'd get in November.

Nihilism3271d ago

Dragon age is the only game i need, 3 days to go *giggle shrilly*

Bloodshedder3271d ago

man this list puts me back on the map on what to look for on November... why post this??

Sevir043271d ago

whats more. there isnt a single exclusive there for it... :/ that sucks

kraze073270d ago

Some good games coming out this month, but Dragon Age is the only one I'm really looking forward to.

xboxman083270d ago

Dragon Age,Final Fantasy, and Call Of Duty MW2 thats what im lookin forward to this month