New Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Demo Has the Konami Code

Anoop Gantayat: Use the code to access the new "Hunters" controls.

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Timesplitter143275d ago

It can't be... the prophecy

L-MaTTiC3275d ago

daaamn !!! 2 bad i sold my psp :(

Mista T3275d ago

i think there's homo wit a simila name on this site

jashwin3275d ago

am i the only one who is not excited about this game?

Timesplitter143275d ago

Let's just say I really wish it was on PS3 instead

Microsoft Xbox 3603275d ago

The PS3 should have a PSP emulator. I'd buy Peacewalker and GT in a heartbeat.

N4GAddict3275d ago

Unless the PSP completely stop selling, there won't be a PSP emulator for PS3.

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