Cage confident of Australian release for Heavy Rain

TVGB: "With PS3-exclusive Heavy Rain set to feature interactive sex and stripping scenes alongside a nice bit of vidjagame violence, it looks likely that the game is headed for a 'Mature' rating. However, as highlighted again recently, the Australian ratings board just don't approve anything intended for an audience above the age of 15. Does that worry the game's creator David Cage? Not really."

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Cyrax_873274d ago

...because I can import and actually save alot of money.

sikbeta3274d ago

"We have to make some cuts for certain territories, honestly they’ve been - so far - quite minor cuts. So there is nothing where I felt like, ‘oh my entire experience has totally changed because I had to make those changes.’"

This game can't be touch, is a mature game for a mature audience

calis3274d ago

And if not, I will import.
God bless the PS3.

Droid Control3274d ago

Is there an official release date yet?

Can't wait!

Been burned with Alan Wake, but Heavy Rain still looks like it can deliver true next gen mature gameplay and story...